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miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Cthulhu Dark Review

Today I would like to talk about Cthulhu Dark, a game in the lovecraftian vein avalaible as a free download also translated into Catalan by Maqui Edicions and Castilian by the collective conBarba.

Cthulhu Dark has been written by Graham Walmsley, author of Play Unsafe (a book about improvization in roleplaying games) and designer of games like A Taste For Murder and many Cthulhu Trail scenarios.

Game mechanics of Cthulhu Dark are really simple and are based upon dice rolls of six-sided dice, being able to reach a maximum throw of 3 dice: 1 dice for actions that human beings can do, 1 dice for actions that are available in our occupation and 1 Insanity dice if our action can drive us mad; the highest dice will mark the degree of success of our action (a succes of 1 indicates a very slim sucess and perhaps and outcome not really auspicious, a succes of 6 indicates we did it comfortably).

Characters’ Insanity is measured in a 1 (healthy) to 6 (mad and out of the game) scale, actions we perform and the possibility of using Insanity dice can make the characters go insane (no, achieving throws over our Insanity degree will not precisely help us here...).

Since the rule set is as simple has not advanced statistics (characteristics, skills, hit points, etc.) for characters and Mythos creatures, so the dynamics of the game will be based on the performance of the players and the Guardian for an interactive weaving of the story they will play.

In short, an innovative and easy game that easily allows perform the stories written by Lovecraft and can be used to introduce roleplaying games to interested persons who wish to try them.

Links to get to the downloads:

Cthulhu Dark (English)

Cthulhu Dark (Catalan)

Cthulhu Dark (Castilian)

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
Castellano Català

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