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domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Interesting news

Waiting to finish the English version of Swamp of Sighs to be ready I will review a set of interesting news.

Interview with Francisco José Campos

The blog Aventuras en La Marca del Este publishes a very interesting interview with Francisco José Campos, editor in chief of Dragon magazine in the Spanish edition of mid-nineties by Ediciones Zinco.

For an English automated translation by Google use this link.

Winners of the II Convocatoria de Crónicas de la Marca del Este and Contest Mercenarios de Marvalar

On August 23 publisher Holocubierta announced the winners of II Convocatoria de Crónicas de la Marca del Este (Second Competition of the Eastern Mark Chronicles), there were a total of 34 participants and finally 16 stories were chosen to be published in the second volume of the Crónicas, congratulations to the winners.

Coinciding with the upcoming pocket edition of Aventuras en la Marca del Este (Adventures in the Eastern Mark) and the module Lo que el Ojo no ve (What the Eye does not See) Holocubierta and the blog Outcasted Project had launched the Contest Mercenarios de Marvalar (Marvalar’s Mercenaries); all persons wishing to participate must live in Spain and will have to create the most original and funny mercenary they can think about, the winner will win a pack with the two publications mentioned above.

Upcoming release of Donjon by publisher ConBarba

Publisher ConBarba announces the upcoming release of the Spanish edition of the game Donjon by Clinton R. Nixon.

The game will be available in physical format at a cost of 6 € (shipping fees apart) and is scheduled to start a presale in the next few days, for now Donjon can also be freely downloaded (XHTML and PDF in A4 and A5 formats) for those wanting to take a look and help in correcting errors.

Manuals of Cacería de Bichos printed and dedication process underway

Zonk-PJ communicates in his blog that he has already received all the printed copies of  Cacería de Bichos (Bug Hunting) , these days will be devoted to numbering and signing them (including special dedications to those who have participated in the presales process) and next week will take place the distribution of the manuals.

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