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lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Life goes on

These days I will begin to return to work in the blog after the sad events that I communicated in this post.
To inaugurate this return I will comment on some news that may be of interest:

Forthcoming publication of Món de Monstres

The Catalan publisher Maqui Edicions communicates in its blog that toward this year’s end will publish Món de Monstres (World of Monsters) a game of classical fantasy of the Old School type. If you want more information about this check this post, this one and this one.

Birth of a new campaign setting for Aventuras en La Marca del Este: Vermigor

The publisher Holocubierta, Aventuras en La Marca Del Este and Outcasted Project announce the birth of Vermigor, a new campaign setting of gothic horror like Ravenloft for Aventuras en La Marca Del Este which is open to all fans who wish to contribute ideas for its development; when it will be finished it will be available as a free pdf download.

To start enjoying this scenario Holocubierta offers the adventure Miedo a la Oscuridad (Fear of Darkness) as a free download in full colour and printer-friendly versions.

Carrusel Bloguero de Juegos de Rol: Terror and Supernatural in Role-playing Games.

The Carrusel Bloguero initiative (somewhat similar to the RPG Blog Carnival) goes on and this month is hosted by the blog Outcasted Project proposing to talk about the terror and the supernatural in role-playing games.

El Cosmonauta

To finish this post here goes the trailer for El Cosmonauta, a Creative Commons licensed science-fiction movie financed by crowdfunding that could be very interesting. The movie is in post-production phase and perhaps you are interested to collaborate so it can be finished.

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