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miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

October 2012 News

I come back again with news that may be of your interest.

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 44th edition

Fanzine Rolero comes in its forty-fourth edition with the following contents (Note: this is the English translation of the press note, the Fanzine is written in Spanish):

We are too late in this lunar phase putting the finishing touches to some contents, but we come with two downloadable, as we have been discussing.

First we have a scenario for Fiasco settled in our history, Los Reyes de Ronda will put us in times and places of Spanish bandoliers.

Second, and in a completely different mood, Rito de Buenos Aires we will be in Argentina with the PentagoN system to enjoy a module inspired by Lovecraft.

But do not lose sight with the extras of the regular sections:

In reviews something new, Yggdrasil by geos, something old with Kult in its full extension and (some experience) borrowed: Aquilifer continues explaining how good is the Great Pendragon Campaign.

There’s also room to examine a not very conventional game, Murderous Ghosts, reviewed by Eusebi. A game for only one player and a referee developed by Vincent Baker, creator of Apocalypse World, and we will see how goes the not conventional edition. Carlos Plaza reports his presentations of Shadow Hunters in gaming days.

Aquilifer as a special reporter chronicles the role-playing facet of the Ludo Ergo Sum, one of the gaming assemblies where Carlos showed his game.

In playable material we have also something to show in addition to downloadable material, because Urox continues Medianoche en el Imperio (FATE in late Roman Empire times) and Carlos with Críticas Destructivas proposes an initiation module for Shadow Hunters.

Regarding essays warden continues with in Games’ Workshop talking about the mechanisms for creating modules from the easiest to the more complex and we recover an article by Magus about role-playing in Brazil.

The comic strip hasn't been in time to be included, but it is a very complete cover with interesting materials. I hope the waiting was worth it.


DungeonSpain, the specialized firm working in scenario accessories for dungeons in role-playing games has initiated an interesting crowdfunding project in the Verkami platform destined to obtain funds for its project of scenarios for science-fiction games.

Land of Nod: A World With Multiple Sentient Races?

Finally I leave you a link to the post A World With Multiple Sentient Races? of the blog Land of Nod, with suggestions and game data for using primitive hominid species (like Homo Neanderthal) in Old School games; a very interesting post (not always have to be elves and dwarves in our gaming sessions).

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