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lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

Review of Crítico #1

I resume the blog activity of this newly launched 2014 with the review of the first issue of Crítico magazine,, a project by Jorge "Tiberio" Coto Bautista (in charge of The Freak Times and author of the game Roma in the Cliffhanger line by Ludotecnia) published thanks to several patrons including myself and physically distributed to shops in Spain by Distribuciones Sombra.

Crítico, a quaterly magazine sold at 5€ in its printed edition, created with the aim of filling the space that was orphaned in the Spanish publishing scene after the disappearance of specialized role-playing games magazines and does so with the desire to provide a set of useful articles for both referees and players (in those cases where complete game statistics are offered articles also offer links to download adaptations to other systems), but refraining from publishing news (which currently can be easily found on the Internet at websites and blogs of fans and publishers) and complementing them with passtimes like the crosword in the last pages and the list of all patrons who made te project possible.

In this first issue we could find the following articles:

Estrellas de Alquiler (Stars Rent)
Adventure for Shadowrun written by Diego Lopez where player characters are asked for their help resolving a complicated situation taking place in a luxury brothel in demanarà als personatges jugadors la seva ajuda per solucionar una situació complicada que està tenint lloc en un bordell de luxe de Seattle.

Los Daoine Ainmhí (The Daoine Ainmhí)
Adventure for La Puerta de Ishtar written by Fran Vidal where player characters will fight the dangerous tribe of the articles's title.

La Guerra en Europa (War in Europe)
This article written by Guillermo Rubio Martín offers a gaming aid for Z-Corps wanting to move the zombie apocalypse to Europe.

Generación de trasfondos (Backgrounds generation)
This game aid written by Scribble, author of the role-playing game Microscopia, offers a series of tables for helping to customize playing characters of medieval-fantastic games.

El Taller de Loman (Loman's Workshop)
The last article of the magazine is a series of notes and thoughts about role-playing games design written by Alvaro Loman, author of the game series El Fin del Mundo published by Edge Entertainment.

To finish this year's first review I only hope this initiative to be fruitful and encouraging for creating similar projects in what seems to be a renaissance of the Spanish role-playing scene.

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