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miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2015

Black Box: La Llamada de los dioses – Session 2

Going on with the campaign log of La Llamada de los dioses I'm refereeing for my regular game group at La Cofradía del rol (you will find the first session report here).

As always remember you may find spoilers, so if you are playing the campaign or think about playing it you probably do not want to read more beyond this point (or perhaps you want, who knows).

As I was explaining to you today I will show you the second game session with a little bumpy beggining regarding the availability of the place to play (it had to be improvised at the last moment) and the absence of two of the female players, but well, it was something that was fixed without too much trouble.

At the end of the last episode characters were ready to go up to the last deck of the Sombra Rauda (Swift Shadow) to be explored and finish the goblinoid creatures they may find there, an easy task leading to some scenes like the excellent performance by Kay the samurai (the character, although the player portraying her wasn't there with us, was very successful and had some good rolls when I played her), Meler the mystic recovered the boat with the treasure (although he ended very soaked in water after jumping overboard as he played someone like Jackie Chan) after Heldenhammer the assassin dealed with the orc rowing there.

After registering the deck cabins and facing the reamining goblins there (and capturing one alive after he surrendered to superior numbers) characters recalled all they had discovered and counted all the useful objects they found for the cruise awaiting them, like the Fistan Spoon, allowing to magically feed 5 people every day that was rightly identified by Meler, a magnificent spyglass and a navigation chart discovered by Luna the half-elf that used with the Nature knowledge of the assassin allowed them to calculate a course (the player used the skill smartly to locate the Polar Star in the night sky).

As for the ship repairs these took a whole hard working day, but at the end characters acomplished to plug the hull leaks and improvise a sail sewing together all cloth pieces they found (although they discovered that sewing wasn't one of the best skills of the cleric much to the despair of the mystic 8)). In this moment they discovered that Brune, the cleric which they meet in the last session, had mysteriously vanished, a fact that rised suspicions about what was taking place 8).

This night, while deciding the next steps to take and what to do with the captured goblin (and for what they were talking about they deserved an ipso facto alignment change ಠ_ಠ), they saw a light in the horizon and the next day it was revealed as an enemy ship, with the main sail decorated with a fierce bleeding eye (“perhaps they are friends...” they ironically said) following them and surely full of orcs or any similar beings.

Of course it meant a naval combat was coming but they boldly resolved it with the onboard ballistas and tactics like using a boat loaded with explosive dust as a floating mine (and with the previously captured goblin on it... These alignments again ಠ_ಠ).

This night characters received an unexpected visit: a bloated corpse with shiny eyes coming aboard without notice, it was the reanimated body of one of the sailors who tried to attack them, but they easily beat him and throwed back into the water.

What will happen in the next session?

As is customary to say:

To be continued...

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