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miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

May 2015 news

Let's see this month news:


As all you know, last April 25th a 8 degrees earthquake in the Richter scale ocurred in Nepal devastating the country. among many help actions being carried out there's Game for Nepal - Charity [Bundle] at DriveThruRPG (only available until May 10th) as other initiatives like the following ones:

From Spain: La fundación EduQual by Vicky Sherpa, Oxfam Intermon, Amics del Nepal and the Unicef Spanish Committee.

At international level: Help Nepal Network and the UNHCR.

Other Selves had prepared a deluxe edition of Ablaneda limited to 10 copies, the tenth copy will be given in a raffle its benefits given to Intermon Oxfam (you may participate until May 31th).

Publishers Nosolorol and conBarba merge (vídeo of the Spanish language interview of heads of both publishers courtesy of Rolero).

Rifts will have a Savage Worlds versions as announce Pinacle Entertainment and Palladium.

And speaking of Savage Worlds... the game will be published in Spain as confirm HT Publishers and Pinacle Entertainment.

Will you be interested to participate in the official playtesting of Far West, la leyenda?, you may do it answering to the form available in the game's blog.

With the coming of RuneQuest 6 you may be interested in this collection of encounters for the world of Glorantha available at Notes From Pavis.

If you are interested in OSR games you surely be interested in White Star by James Spahn (available through RPGNow).

And speaking of Old School games you also may be interested in Dungeons & Cthulhu.

As Michael Wolf informs from Stargazer's World the RPG Blog Alliance had ceased its activity and had been substituted by a Google + community taking advantage of today's social networks expansion.

From Caballeros de Aquelarre comes the start of a project to collect data about witchcraft in catalonia during Middle Ages, a fact interesting for Aquelarre referees and players.


Digital artist Jeff Brown is creating fantasy worlds by means of his Patreon campaign.


Surely you had heared about The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, so I assure you that you also will be intersted in these illsutrations by Brazilian artist Henrique Alvim Corrêa for the French limited edition of 1906.

In April 30th 1943 was carried out Operation Mincemeat at Huelva, contributing to the succesful allied landings at sicily, until now was beleieved that all misteries related to this operation had been were clarified, although judging to this article by Huelva Noticias there's more to be investigated...

If you are writing a game or an adventure in 19th century you may be interested in this book of weapons for this era, available as a free download through Project Gutenberg.


Do you like to read books?, then you surely will like this list of links to download sites of free books or without restrictions regarding author copyrights prepared by genbeta.

Blog El Culto de Almas offers as a free download the campaign El mañana nunca muere with adventures for the Spanish editions of Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green and Cthulhutech

Inspired by the previous campaign blog Cajon desastre offers the adventure La caida de un imperio for La Puerta de Ishtar, to be considered a precuel of this campaign.

The Spanish translation of the adventure Tomb of the Bull King for Mazes & Minotaurs is already available for downloading from La Frikoteca.

The role-playing system TYD-6 used by Tierras Yegimales - El Juego de Rol is available to be freely downloaded.

From SPQRol comes the free download of the Spanish translation of one of the first versions of Barbarians of Lemuria (psst: remember that it's also possible to buy a Catalan version at Maqui Edicions if you are interested ;) ).

Editorial Rúnica offers as a free download the Spanish translation of Star Force.

Tiempo para gastar offres the download of the adventure Projekt Dunkelheit for Sistema Hitos.

Cinema and television

Magazine Vanity Fair had made public first photos of the ensemble of Star Wars: The Force Awakens made by Annie Leibowitz for its june issue.

Actress Grace Lee Whitney, famous for her role of Janice Rand in the original Star Trek series died last May 1st, to see more info about it you may read articles at, Blastr and The Washington Post.

Whil Wheaton presents the teaser for the television seriesDark Matter, in which he had recently worked, to be released in June in the United States.

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