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sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Contents of the 34th Portada Lunar of the Fanzine Rolero

Arcano XIII and Alex Werden, chief editor of Fanzine Rolero (RPG Fanzine), have kindly sent me a press note with the contents of the 34ª Portada Lunar (34th Lunar Cover), available to view next Monday afternoon:

Full moon once again forces us to get out of the den and increases the staff of editors to assist in the preparation of articles. Eusebi, Tirano and Werden are joined by new lunatics Khazike and Aquilifer, both known for their publications in the magazine.

We also bring new free playable material. Tirano, Khazike, Igner Eldar and Terminus_Est have translated, made the layout and drawn again Guerrero, Picaro y Mago JdR (Warrior, Rogue and Mage RPG) from Stargazer Games.

You shouldn’t be unaware if our publicity has worked, but we can advance that in this case it’s a fantasy game with short extension and new mechanics. Let’s say that it’s like D&D but without so much content, a summary useful for a whole batch of new-style games like this.

There’s also an adventure ready to be played with the system of your choice by Daniel Julivert, Los Cuervos de Llandwydd (Crows of Llandwydd), of the generic type but not without PC sheets, maps and other complements.

There’s also, ready to be printed, the screen for Wizardz & Warriorz, a game by Tirano freely downloadable previously in the magazine, with layout by Igner Eldar.

In the regular sections there are a lot of reviews. Wachinayn tackles Yuuyake Koyake, a Japanese RPG with racoon tails. Eusebi examines Lacuna by Jared Sorensen, Aquilifer examines the independent classic Agon, and Werden examines the free Spanish game Revólveres y Ocultistas (Guns & Occultists) while his gaming group describes their gaming sessions using the Cthulhu Dark system.

Other contents are the Gaming Workshop, where Werden talks about the employment and creative relationship with illustrators, but the playable content don’t ends here. Cronista goes on explaining how to role-play Global Frequency, Carlos Plaza puts us a practical example how to articulate all his previous articles to create a population with plots and NPC for Shadow Hunters and Miguel Rojas reviews the creation of knights for Song of ice and Fire with samples and advice.

We hope you like it; at least it can give you a few hundred hours of entertainment.

Note: this is my translation of the press note given by Arcano XIII, the content’s magazine is written Spanish.

Among the contents of this new issue there’s a major highlight in the free game Guerrero, Pícaro y Mago, (the Spanish translation of Warrior, Rogue & Mage), created by Michael Wolf, a fantasy game with easy rules and a few Old School touches that’s worth to read and, in my humble opinion, could be a good tool to introduce newcomers to RPG.

That’s all; I hope that you enjoy this.

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