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viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

February 2012 news

This February 2012 news is full of very interesting news:

Ludotecnia: Concurso de Cazatalentos, edición 2012

Ludotecnia publisher announces the Concurso de Cazatalentos (Talent Scout Contest) for this year with 4 categories: Story, Game Design, Illustration and Cover.

To obtain more details and download the rules you may check this link.

At the moment of writing this post the category devoted to Game Design there are more than 40 participants, me included.

Note: This is a Spanish language-driven contest.

37th Lunar Cover of the Fanzine Rolero

The Fanzine rolero announces its 37th Lunar Cover, full of interesting contents:

Into the breach again, my friends. We comply with the recovery of materials from NSR, refunding them and not using them to fill gaps leaving you with less material. We have the 13 usual contents, two more and one of them playable and freely available as usual. We are growing.

Conocimiento Revelado for Guerrero Pícaro y Mago JdR is this download. After offering the basic game manual, translated, edited and with new drawings by Arcano XIII studio, and Tritones, a supplement fully made by the studio, it was the turn to begin with the official supplements, Kha, Igner, Tirano and Terminus repeating again.

This novelty was previously announced, and its possibilities for the game were discussed, so let’s begin with the Fanzine contents and its distinct sections.

In reviews this time the Spanish RPG predominate: Lucinder talks about the basic manual of Fragmentos and Werden treats the CdB module Todo empieza con Igor Gouzenko.

Eclipse Phase will be analyzed by Alain Masseri and we have a gaming report of El Anillo Único by Miguel Rojas. We also recover and update a review of Galactica RPG by Werden talking about franchise games in general, as it’s the case.

We also bring a chronicle about Tarcador 2012 gaming days with Meroka as a reporter. Carlos Plaza treats the use of playing cards and RPG in his game Shadow Hunters and to gave more options regarding rules Tirano develops the use of corruption mechanics with the XD6 system and Mulko proposes to use FATE Aspects system in Guerrero Pícaro y Mago.

We do not talk only about game rules, Khazike contributes with a second delivery of adventure seeds for Ablaneda and Nebilim offers starting points for RPG gaming sessions with uniqueness in mind.

As a strictly playable content we also recover from NSR Los Mapas del Reino Antiguo by Jkeats beginning with its episodic publishing.

And do not miss the comic strip. To round off this Fanzine, editors and publishers of Fanzine Rolero assemble an internal voting to decide which of the RPG materials not appearing in the magazine in 2011 seemed to us the most recommendable. There you have the ranking and the following debate.

We hope that you like it and we are grateful for the recognition to our cooperative task of every month represented by the Polyhedron Prize we have been again granted.

Note: This is a translation of a press note, Fanzine Rolero is written in Spanish.

Batallas Navales en el siglo XVII

Albert Tarrés, of the blog Akelarre Advanced, offers the supplement Batallas Navales en el siglo XVII (Naval Battles in the 17th century) for the third edition of Aquelarre.

The supplement is excellent in the historical aspect and I'm sure will appeal to all fans.

For a full colour version you could see this link, for a print friendly version you could see this ther one.

FATE Piratas MiniliteFATE Piratas Minilite

From the blog Laboratorio Friki offers us FATE Piratas Minilite, an excellent game to be initiated in RPG playing that can be used with a minimum effort with the previously commented supplement.

Interesting news from Dreams of Mythic Fantasy

The blog Dreams of Mythic Fantasy, devoted mainly to the Old School Renaissance news is always a source of interesting bits.

The February 5th post ncludes, among others, a list of modules available to AD&D1 and Osric, both free and commercial, and introduces the free supplement Tricks, Empty Rooms & Basic Trap Design, devoted exclusively to the creation of dungeons; this supplement and others appearing in the blog Hack & Slash are really interesting.

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