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jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

July 2012 News

Winner of the game design competition Cazatalentos 2012

Publisher Ludotecnia has announced the winner of the competition Cazatalentos 2012 in its game design aspect, the lucky one have been Jorge Mir Biel with Babylon.

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 42th edition

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 42th edition with the following contents:

This moon has been difficult and difficult to be in time, but we come with our sections covered and two extra gifts, two downloadable nothing less.

First one is Crónicas de los Cuatro Dragones, a game by Michael Wolf published by Stargazer Games that has been translated and edited in Spanish with a new layout and illustrations by Kon and Terminus Est from Arcano XIII studio.

Second one is a compilation of game aids for Shadow Hunters that have appeared in Fanzine Rolero, as were our past collections for Esoterroristas. Writes and coordinates Carlos Plaza and layout Yirkash, including the generic module Angst by Alex Werden, also released in the publication, adapted to the game.

But do not lose sight of the magazine and its regular sections with the extra summer gifts:

In game analysis we are going very complete. Miguel de Rojas addresses Cacería de Bichos, Eusebi Sistema Solar, Darkos Grecia JdR and Carlos Plaza the recent Omertá, El Poder de la Mafia by Holocubierta.

Aquilifer continues the enormous test/chronicle of the possibly bigger module of all: La Gran Campaña of Pendragon.

As we previously commented in the blog, El Fantasma de Hettingham Place becomes a strong bet by Yirkash in playable material, compatible with BRP (Llamada de Cthulhu) and Unknown Armies among other characteristics.

And we maintain the usual comic strip by Kharma, the usual artiche with extras for Shadow Hunters by Carlos Plaza and the Games’ Workshop, where Werden talks about routines for creating light mechanics for past lives for the PC and decide randomly what they have been before being busy adventurers, investigators or whatever.

If you noticed, we take a break in the recovery of materials from the NSR magazine, but we are preparing something about that we will tell you.

We hope you enjoy it and leave you well equipped for the increase in leisure time than usually happens in these hot dates.

Trasgotauro Ediciones presents Trasgos y Mazmorras

Trasgotauro Ediciones presents this July month the first edition of Trasgos y Mazmorras, available as a free download and with a planned printed edition.

Heroes Against Darkness

From The Free RPG Blog I heard the news of the appearance of another game inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, it is Heroes Against Darkness by Justin Halliday.

Next reissue of AD&D 1

From the blog Dreams of Mythic Fantasy comes to us news of the upcoming availability of the reprint of AD&D 1 via Amazon.

Interview with Fred Hicks in Outcasted Project

The blog Outcasted Project offers us an interview with Fred Hicks, creator of the game system FATE.

MarcaQuest in Rol y Vicio

In closing I leave with the idea that has appeared in the blog Rol y Vicio, that has designed a system for using Aventuras en La Marca del Este as a clone of HeroQuest (and is perfectly adaptable to other Old School games).

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
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