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jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

Review of Open Gaming Monthly #1

In today's post I will show you the review of the first issue of the Open Gaming Monthly magazine thanks to its editor, John Reyst, who kindly sent me one.


Open Gaming Monthly is a magazine available in digital format (as a pdf file) costing $ 2.99 that is born with the collaboration between and Fat Goblin Games devoted to offer contents under the Open Gaming License (OGL), basically compatible with Pathfinder, although in future issues it's planned to extend it to other games with the same philosophy.


In nearly all 100 full color pages of this issue have content ranging from news and interviews that can be interesting for players (thus including patronages of new games and supplements or links to websites) to OGL content (new character types, monsters and creatures, places, objects, alternate rules, and previews of new products) that can be used right away in our game tables or even to be incorporated in other publisher's products if all the requirements of the license are accomplished.



In this first issue game contents are mostly related to Winter or wintertime lands, so there are equipment to survive frosted [lands], spells and magic objects, creatures like the Frost Hag, Drake's Hollow (a small town built by elves inside an extinguished volcano's caldera in the far North), characters like Aertar Frostfel (a dwarf that fought against Frost Giants) and information about followers of the deities of the Scandinavian mythological pantheon in any gaming session of Pathfinder.



What else can be said of Open Gaming Monthly? The magazine is well structured and its contents are attractive, besides the art provided with the articles is first class and full color but not make dearer the final product (one of the advantages of the digital format). Apart from aesthetical considerations the OGL content is easily adaptable to similar games (like Món de Monstres, which I reviewed in this earlier blog post) thanks to the Pathfinder SRD available online in, so it will be useful to all referees and players independently of their usual ruleset.

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