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miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

October 2013 news (Second part)

Original image by If We Don't, Remember Me.

Second news post of October, as you may see with a lot of really interesting news:

Nosolorol Ediciones news

Nosolorol Ediciones celebrated on October 26th the opening of their new offices (you can view a video report in this post of Aker Codicem).

In addition to the opening party they also unveiled the long list of new titles for the coming months (get ready as it is a long one):
  • Vampiro, 20th anniversary edition of Vampire.
  • Blacksad, el juego de rol (based in the comicbook created by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Garrido).
  • Reflejo, created by Jordi Martín Caballero, with two parallel wordls of light and darkness and players in the middle.
  • Malefic Time, based in the comicbook by Royo brothers with a future Earth and the conflict between Lunars and Solars.
  • Supplements Lagendarium Inferni and Daemonolatreia for Aquelarre.
  • El Reino de la Sombra will have an illustrated referee screen by Pinturero, a supplement authored by Pablo Claudio Ganter García (also known as El Poderoso Crom) and the Advanced book written by J.L. López Morales.
  • Cultos Innombrables, a game with a setting of Cthulhu Myths written by M. J. Sueiro where players will be sectarians.
  • Unrealms, a game where fantasy creatures will be hidden thanks to advanced technology.
  • Magika, a game of manga aesthetics starred by Japanese superheroines.
  • Do, Peregrinos del Templo Volador (you could read a review in Fanzine Rolero).
  • Revised edition of Taura DK.
  • For La Mirada del Centinela there will be the referee screen and supplements Zumbatsa (by Colectivo 9) and Betlam Central (by Juan F. Donoso and Juan Lucha).
  • La Torre de Rudesindus will have 4 supplements (one for each season) written by David García.
  • Within autoplaying adventures will be Matrioshka (a mistery adventure) and Paradox (a time travelling adventure).
  • Fragmentos will have a supplement devoted to Italian terror cineam titled Profondo Giallo.
  • La Canción de Ares, a game written by per Manuel J. Sueiro, Pedro J. and Sergio Vergara with a mix of orcs, nazis...

They also will celebrate a Halloween party next October 31th.

A new fanzine is born: Crónicas Salvajes

In these days a new free fanzine is born: Crónicas Salvajes, with the objective of recover the Pulp and Sword and Sorcery genres of the eighties of the past century.

They welcome collaborations, so if you are interested do not doubt to contact the fanzine.

Old School news: OSR Compatible, Swords & Wizardry, Open Gaming Content DOT com and other retroclones


The Old School Renaissance (OSR) world is also moving with the appearance of websites like OSRCompatible, proposing a ruling for identifying compatible Old School games, teh complete list offered by Grey Six and the pledge of Frog God Games to liberate as a free download the book of Swords & Wizardry if the Kickstarter of The Lost Lands: The Sword of Air reaches 400 patrons.

There's alos a new website intending to list all the available SRD under the OGL: Open Gaming Content DOT com.

Interview with Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz

Because of the patronage of Adventures of East Mark The Freak Times interviews Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz, cofounder of Extra-Dimensional Publishing.
Besides this interview in the patronage there's also the announcement of a pair of updates I'm sure will be very interesting for you: The possibility of getting the beta of the English translation of the Blue Box and that the introduction of the Red Box will be written by Frank Mentzer (yes, this Frank Mentzer).

Catalan edition of Summerland readily available

The Catalan edition by Maqui Edicions of Summerland, titled Etern Estiu, is now on sale.

Ufos and Uzis: Aliens invading Earth

Along with preparations for first game texts of Ufos and Uzis its writer, Terrax el Maestro, asks us wich aliens may invade Earth (read this post and this other one), so he have two polls in his website.

Holocubierta Third Anniversary: Publishing of the Sistema d13 comic strip

We have decided that, yes we will publish your comic.
You are drunk, isn,t it?
Come on, you can say it to me.

Last October 26th was also the Third Anniversary of publisher Holocubierta (you can view a video report in this post of Aker Codicem), they also announced they will publish the famous webcomic El Sistema d13 (you can see this news article in this link).

I Jornadas AkerCon

And speaking of Aker Codicem, the blog announce its first gaming day for November 23th.

AJJR: Equinocci de Terror

Another games day that could be interesting: The AJJR announces Equinocci de Terror for November 2th.

Pelgrane Press: Gumshoe SRD and 13th Age SRD


Pelgrane Press has provided fans the SRD of Gumshoe and 13th Age (this last one is also available from 13thagesrd).

Fate Hacks and Evil Hat Street Team

Since recently the game Fate has earned so much recognition it may be useful to recall this many games variants as Rol Hypnos does (original post by Walking in the Shadows) and the Evil Hat Street Team program to promote the game where you can win Evil Hat games.

Valley of Farmers. An interactive story of Orn


Catalan illustrator and comicbook author Quim Bou received a "Choose your adventure" story from one of his followers about one of his most famous characters, named Orn. This adventure is available as a free download and the author is looking for someone to translate it in English, any volunteers?.

A new phase for Open Gaming Monthly

After its first five issues Open Gaming Monthly is preparing for a new phase with John Reyst at the head, if you are interested to collaborate you may fill this form.

This is all... God, it's full of games and right now I'm a bit tired ;)

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
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