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viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

October 2013 news

This october is full of really interesting news worth noting:

Patronage of Adventures in the East Mark

These days has begun the patronage of the English version of the red box of Aventuras en la Marca del Este (the Spanish retroclone of Dungeons&Dragons): Adventures in the East Mark taht will be published by Extradimensional Publishing.

To see my reviews of the boxes of this line (the red box and future boxes if the patronage is succesful) you may see this links: red box, blue box and green box.

Desde el Sótano reaches its 113th edition

The online magazine Desde el Sótano reaches 113th edition with the following articles (Note: The magazine is writen in Spanish):

  • Editorial: a word from the maker.
  • Credits: Those who are behind this (and make it possible).
  • Index
  • Basement Answers: Questions from the fans and the best of our responses.
  • The Voice: Conferences, meetings and events for the coming days and months.
  • Basement exterior: Section with interesting news from the outside world.
  • Characters: Bloody Seven. Introduction of starring ensemble of the series for Comandos. Memebers of the Red One shock division.
  • Playing Ielserkaren. A guide for playing this kind of characters for Exo gaming sessions.
  • Games: Ss'iar. A game or sport of the H'sar in Pangea's savage lands.
  • Street guide: Plots of Rol Negro. Things you always wanted to know about news of Cunia, but you didn't asked for.
  • Fauna: Boron hunting beast. A little pet of Boron, a nightmare for the other races of Exo.
  • Fauna: Gatox. Artificial animals of the ancient Genic empire, but have survived to the present day in Exo.
  • Specialization: 0-Fight. Halfway between a wild sport and a fight ritual, it has become one of the most popular leisure activities followed the crew of the Navy in the RFP (Exo).
  • Flora: Vagina Tree. An exotic tree to give many special features in Pangea.
  • Weaponery: Harlock. Homage of the author to a famed weapon to include it in Exo universe.
  • Ships: Trujamán II. A planetary ship with stats for xo and CEP.
  • Navies: The Swedish Navy, information for Comandos.
  • Vehicles: Police cars in Cunia, Rol Negro.
  • Chronology: the war every day, October 1940.
  • Runes: news of Pangea.
  • The Truth: Cunia news of the day. October 2013.
  • A.D.E.G. '69: Reatku 3469. News of the Exo galaxy.
  • Cronologia: October 1808.
  • Pangea: La maldición del camino. Characters face a dangerous fruit that turns mad all those who eat it.
  • Rol Negro: El maletín. when you find a briefcase with money in the street first you think to grab it, nest you think about take it to police. In Cunia is better to leave it alone.
  • Sangrienta siete: Synopsis of pilot episode (1x01) of the series of Comandos.
  • Rojo y Oro: 1x02 - El mensaje. Synopsis of the episode of the series of 1808.

Ars Magica enters the printing process

Publisher Holocubierta announces the printing of the basic book and the screen of the Spanish edition of Ars Magica (an advancement in pdf format can be downloaded to see the layout), reservations can now be made to acquire it.

Dogfight WWII

From TPG:Génesis comes a free supplement to adapt the game Dogfight (follow this link to see my review of the game) by Ludotecnia to aerial combat of Second World War.

Nosolorol Ediciones will publish Pendragon

Nosolorol Ediciones annonces the publication in Spain of the 5.1 version of King Arthur Pendragón (published actyally in English by Nocturnal Media).

Aquelarre editions in Catalan and English and a Castillian reedition

And talking about Nosolorol Ediciones, from Aker Codicem... comes the announcement the agreement with Maqui Edicions and Nocturnal Media to publish Aquelarre in Catalan and English languages!

This new can also be confirmed through websites of Maqui Edicions and Nosolorol Ediciones.

Besides thes editions in other languages there will be also a reedition of the game in Castillian with corrected typos included.

Proyecto Arcadia announces Ciudad Cero

From Proyecto Arcadia (creators of the game Haunted House) comes the announcement of their next game: Ciudad Cero.

AJJR announces their Warhammer 40.000 championship

Associació de Jugadors i Jugadores de Rol de Reus (AJJR) announces their Warhammer 40.000 championship for next October 27th.
To see the rules of the championship, please consult the regulations in this link.

Coming edition of the game Espada Negra

From Hermanos Juramentados de la Espada Negra ecomes the announcement of the edition of their game by publisher Másquemódulos and its distribution by Ediciones Sombra.

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