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miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

March 2014 news

Decease of Aaron Allston

Last february 27th writer and designer Aaron Allston died while attending Visioncon in Branson, Missouri, apparently from a massive heart failure.
Leaving aside his career as a writer in the Star Wars and Terminator expanded universes Allston was also famous as a game designer, as his work in Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia (1991) and the fifth edition of Champions (2002) demonstrates.

Date set for sale of D&D Next

Various blogs related to role-playing world (Tenkar's Tavern, Brainstormer, The Escapist) gave news of of the appearance in Barnes & Noble website of the presale of D&D Players's Handbook ($49.95, discounted to $37.36) and D&D Starter Set ($19.99, discounted to $17.99) for coming August 19th.

Cost of D&D Players's Handbook it's worring fans, as they estimate will pay around $150 to play...

Update: As Dyvers says Wizards of the Coast had decided to withdraw D&D Players's Handbook of the presale.

Alfa version of Ufos and Uzis ready to download

From the website of Ufos and Uzis (Spain) game creators had announced the first public version of the game ready to download from this link.

Berin Kinsman: No Sleep 'Til Finland

Author and blogger Berin Kinsman asks for our help to deal with the costs of travel and stay after the admission of his wife Katie in the Masters in Education program at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. You may help them buying the role-playing products of Asparagus Jumpsuit, the imprint of Berin Kinsman, or the handicraft of his wife in

The Robert E. Howard Museum need your help

Home of writer Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan), converted into a museum needs donations for its's manteinance, you may collaborate as a member or with monetary contributions.

2es Jornades de Rol Club Diògenes Tarragona

Club Diògenes of Tarragona (Spain) announce its second role-playing gaming days for the coming April 5th.

Grecia El Juego de Rol now have a referee screen

Juan Carlos Morelló announce in the blog of Grecia El Juego de Rol (Spain) that the referee screen is available to download (follows the model of Savage Worlds customizable screen).

List of PWYW games in Tenkar's Tavern

Tenkar's Tavern blog offers a list of OSR games available in "Pay what You Want" mode to be updated periodically.

Kickstarter: Blue Dungeon Tiles

In Kickstarter there's a patronage that perhaps may be of your interest: Blue Dungeon Tiles.

With tiles offered in the patronage, very similar in style to the maps of the first editions of Dungeons & Dragons, it is possible to build on the game table the dungeons to explore amd add symbols like doors and traps with the aid of permanent markers.

Kickstarter: Mutant Chronicles and beta of the handbook as a free download

And for a finish note that in the in the patronage campaign of the third edition of Mutant Chronicles the beta of the handbook of the game is already as a free download in DriveThruRPG and RPGNOW.

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