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lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

October 2014 news (Second part)

And more news ladies and gentlemen!


Holocubierta announces the acquisition of Numenera license for Spanish edition.

The creative team of the Spanish role-playing game Walhalla announces its future plans and the coming patronage for the game next November 14th, at this link you may look at the planned rewards.

the role-playing game Southlands by Kobold Press will have bestiary conversions for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition (look at this link to freely download the basic ruleset) made by Rodrigo García Carmona, author of La Puerta de Ishtar (whom I interviewed long ago in this post), to read his thoughts about it you may see this post of Kobold Press blog.

Spanish Sistema Sombra ruleset will be available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Spanish publisher conBarba announces the state of its upcoming releases.

Lavondyss announces its planning for the game Dyss Mítica.

Birth of a new website for Spanish-speaking roleplayers: BizarRol...

accompanied by another one recently appeared: Rol En Tu Idioma.

Do you know role-playing games can help in training processes?. Perhaps you may be intereted in reading Proyecto Futura and what's explained at Rol the Bones.

The popular blog of the OSR scene Tenkar's Tavern is carrying out a sandbox-style project through Google+, ¿are you interested in joining it?

Already on sale is Béthorm, the new role-playing game based in the world of Tékumel, created by M.A.R. Barker in 1975, and illustrated by Jeff Dee.

Digital artist Jeff Brown, specializing in environment paintings, is available for new projects.


Birth of a new publishing patronage platform: Pentian.

An interesting patronage to obtain figures to represent your characters in role-playing games: Flat Plastic Miniatures.

Scientists of Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Barcelona need your help, for each viewing of this video their sponsors will make a donation, you may also donate through this link.

Jesús Rolero has started a sponsorship campaign in Patreon to help mantain his Youtube channel.

Mark Diaz Truman has started a sponsorship campaign in Patreon for The Fate Codex, the specialized magazine in Fate system, he is also looking for writers (you may read submission guidelnes in this link and this other one).


Do you want to know something more about the first space walk, carried out by Alexei Leonov in 1965?, Look and read this BBC documentary.

Films by Andrei Tarkovsky ready available under public domain.


NASA has made available to Internet users a huge sound collection related to his space missions, you may listen them through SoundCloud or download them from the repository, to see more related sound collections you may read this article by Create digital music.

The online magazine Desde el Sótano reaches 123th edition with the following articles (Note: The magazine is writen in Spanish):

  • Editorial: a word from the maker.
  • Credits: Those who are behind this (and make it possible).
  • Index
  • Basement Answers: Questions from the fans and the best of our responses.
  • The Voice: Conferences, meetings and events for the coming days and months.
  • Basement exterior: Section with interesting news from the outside world.
  • Geography: Lake os Scales. Let us know a little more this corner of Pangea known as the White Jungle.
  • Terrains: Maritime Fortresses of the Thames mouth. An extremely detailed article about defenses British installed in Thames mouth to ward off German bombings (Comandos)
  • General: Planetary classification. At last, a classification for different planet types of Exo. You no longer have to say it is a planet like...
  • Culture: Hennas Sheller. Characteristics of this hand to hand fight, considered a ritual by some, of Sheller (Exo)
  • Street guide: Químicos Molentes. There are more and more businesses and shops in the City of Cunia, adding more details, not alll pretty, in the Rol Negro setting.
  • Economy: Estate prices. Looking to buy a flat? In Cunia? But have you seen the prices! (Rol Negro).
  • Species: Kauri and Kileiros. Continuing with the description of races of Exo not appearing in the second edition of the game.
  • Fauna: White Vidalva of the Marshes. I don't know if it was Taga or the Wukran the one responsible of the Creation of Pangea, but whoever it was had a weird sense of humour.
  • Equipment: Military officer. We continue our series of articles for Exo with basic equipment of characters regarding their ocupation.
  • Musical Instruments: Truku-Truka. Not everything will be bugs and deadly weapons and plants, there's also time for music in Pangea, or not?
  • Weapons: Dopplertutzen gun. The double barrel gun used by some Austrian troops. A strange weapon already available to referees of 1808.
  • Medical: Bicomponent Poisons. Some substances which could appear in your Exo gaming sessions. At least someone will take a scare.
  • Chronology: The Great War, October 1914
  • Runes: News of Pangea.
  • The Truth: Cunia news of the day. October 2014.
  • A.D.E.G. ’70: Exo galaxy news, Pezaku I of 3470.
  • Chronology: October 1809.
  • Comandos: Sabotaje en el Mersey. An interesting gaming session in the British defensive fortresses of Thames. An ideal complement for this issue's setting article.
  • Exo: Planetas Verdes. an expedition bound to an unknown planet, a low-skilled NGO as the expedition leaders and many members with something to hide. What can go wrong?
  • Lobo: 1×07 – Contra el Tiempo. Synopsis of a new chapter of the new series of Pangea
  • Rojo y Oro: 1x07 – Venganza. Synopsis of a new chapter of the new series of 1808
  • .

Another magazine that might interest you is Star Frontiersman, for the game Star Frontiers (freely available).

Liberation of the pdf of the collection Seis aventuras para SD6 (in Spanish, see this link and this other one to know more about it).

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
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