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jueves, 15 de octubre de 2015

October 2015 news

Let's see this month's news:


Aventuras en la Marca del Este shows us the tiles of the future boardgame based in their role-playing game.

There's an ongoing petition at for Wizards of the Coast allowing the translation of the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons to other languages.

The blog Juegos y Dados offer an interview with Eduard García, winner of the first Joc Internacional modules contest with Cristal de Bohemia for Call of Cthulhu, translator of Stormbringer and director of Líder magazine of Joc Internacional and in the last times of it with La Caja de Pandora, and remembers the interview he did with Gary Gygax in París in 1993 published in issue #36 of Líder.

From the Walküre website comes an advancement of their future plans.

First art samples of La Marca Estelar from Aventuras en La Marca del Este and Holocubierta.

Nosolorol will publish the role-playing game Infinity in Spanish.

From theRPGsite come the chance to publishers and freelance creators to make contact and publish offers and demands.

A new design studio is born: Estudio D6 (you may read the announcement at Google+).


Next December 12th and 13th el the forth game festival Dau Barcelona will be held.

Last October 5th started a new Golden Cobra challenge.

Star Wars D6 Redux holds his 1st Contest coinciding with the coming premiere of Star Wars Episodio VII.


Alephtar Games is carrying out the patronage of his own D100 game system: Revolution D100.

Ron Edwards is creating comics and games through his campaign at Patreon.

Encoded Designs is creating and drawing characters for role-playing games through his patronage campaign at Patreon.

Dragonlock is carrying out his patronage campaign for creating scenario models for 3D printers at Kickstarter.

Encounter Bricks is creating scenography elements through his campaign at Kickstarter.

Mike Evans is creating the campaign setting Hubris through his patronage campaign at Kickstarter.

Modiphius is carrying out his patronage campaign for the Infinity role-playing game at Kickstarter.

Quim Bou want to create an app to read the comics of his character Ornis through his patronage campaign at Verkami.


The Space Review offers an interesting summary of the flight of the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, first man to orbit Earth.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) have more results about the search of ancient lakes in Mars.


Do you need sounds for your projects? Then the sshhtt!! catalogue surely will interest you.

If you are creating aids for your role-playing sessions you surely will be interested in the images of the Project Apollo Archive and...

those of the Photogrammar program by the University of Yale, from 1935 to 1945.

There's already available the free advancement of the ruleset of the role-playing game Infinity downloadable through DriveThruRPG.

From Aventuras en La Marca del este comes the offering of the free download of maps and adventure aids of the adventure Los Salones Anegados de Leviatán.

Conocerás mundos offers us the downloading of the simplified rules of Sistema Hitos: Hitos acelerado.

Comic books

Do you like North American Golden Age and Silver Age comics? Then at Comic Book Plus and The digital Comic Museum you wil find them digitalized for a free download as these are under public domain.

Cinema and television

Confirmation of the commissioning by Amazon of the TV adaptation of the novel The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick.

Premiere of the trailer adapting the cicle of Shannara by MTV network (Official website | IMDb by Terry Brooks

Premiere of the trailer of the coming Christmas Special of Sherlock TV series (Wikipedia | BBC One).

The adapation of the film Time Bandits (Wikipedia | IMDb) by Terry Gilliam as a TV series is being considered.

Paramount has launched the Youtube channel Paramount Vault offering film clips like those of films like The War of the Worlds (Wikipedia | IMDb), adaptation of the novel of the same name by H.G. Wells...

or The Nutty Professor (Wikipedia | IMDb) by Jerry Lewis.

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