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martes, 6 de octubre de 2015

OSR Week 2015 analysis

In today's post I will make a brief summary of the motivations and the effects of this OSR Week 2015 (in Spanish, Catalan and English) as well as the methodology used to carry it out and the obtained outcome.

First, I planned this Week to output a series of reviews for various reasons I had been forced to delay and that in fact given this case share a common theme, as they relate to games, modules and supplements of the phenomenon that has been been called Old School Renaissance (OSR), namely the phenomenon which recovers (and sometimes updates) the essence of the first editions of Dungeons & Dragons, the first role-playing game, throughthe creation of retro-clones (games with mechanics and game modes similar to those of Dungeons & Dragons).

Second, I wanted to assess the possibility of carrying out an event of this kind in the blog and study how this would affect it at audience and following levels, so this is the explanation I only used as diffusion mediums the blog itself and my Google+ account activity. Of course it was predictable that my readers would take an interest in the topics addressed during the OSR Week and the visits would increase, although I must acknowledge I did not expect that The RPGPundit, author of Arrows of Indra, gave voice of the corresponding review in his blog and many Google+ communities (RPG, Pen & Paper RPG Bloggers, Roleplaying Games and OSR).

Third, I also wanted to carry out this kind of review that, in a manner of speaking, was devoted to talk about “technical themes” of the games as, in this case, are basically incarnations of Dungeons & Dragons, but have notable differences regarding mechanics and background so it's worth to insist in it as this may be interesting for referees and players.

And without any further delay here you have the tables summarizing the activity of these Week, as you can see I have really put the corresponding data for 9 days visits, but if I did so it was to assess in perspective the impact of input considering that the review of Clásicos del Mazmorreo was eventually published a Sunday afternoon.

Adventurer Conqueror King System
Adventurer Conqueror King System
Blogger Visits Comments +1
Spanish 147 3 14
Catalan 47 0 2
English 42 0 4
Google+ Shared Comments +1
Spanish 0 0 6
Catalan 0 0 1
English 0 0 3

Arrows of Indra
Arrows of Indra
Blogger Visits Comments +1
Spanish 103 0 5
Catalan 50 0 4
English 178 0 12
Google+ Shared Comments +1
Spanish 0 0 4
Catalan 0 0 3
English 0 2 7

Realms of Crawling Chaos
Realms of Crawling Chaos
Blogger Visits Comments +1
Spanish 85 0 1
Catalan 38 0 5
English 43 0 2
Google+ Shared Comments +1
Spanish 0 0 0
Catalan 1 0 0
English 0 0 1

Clásicos de La Marca del Este
La Cripta Nefanda de Uztum el Maldito
La Isla Misteriosa
El Orbe de Amonhotep
Blogger Visits Comments +1
Spanish 199 2 39
Catalan 37 0 7
English 33 0 5
Google+ Shared Comments +1
Spanish 2 2 4
Catalan 0 0 6
English 0 0 4

Clásicos del Mazmorreo
Clásicos del Mazmorreo
Blogger Visits Comments +1
Spanish 114 0 11
Catalan 40 0 7
English 48 0 9
Google+ Shared Comments +1
Spanish 0 2 7
Catalan 0 0 6
English 2 0 4

Blog post with video announcing the OSR Week
Visits Comments +1
79 0 0
Shared Comments +1
1 0 3

Blog visits recount
Date Week day Visits Post?
09.20.2015 Sunday 104 Entrada publicada
09.21.2015 Monday 236 Entrada publicada
09.22.2015 Tuesday 222 Entrada publicada
09.23.2015 Wednesday 251 Entrada publicada
09.24.2015 Thursday 173
09.25.2015 Friday 430 Entrada publicada
09.26.2015 Saturday 106
09.27.2015 Sunday 270 Entrada publicada
09.28.2015 Monday 127

As a final thought I can say I'm satisfied with the result which has had the OSR Week 2015 and I'm planning more themed weeks with reviews and other matters that might be interesting.

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