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martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

December 2015 news (Second part)

And second news post of December for this year 2015 that's ending:


Without any doubt the surprise of this month is the disconnection between The Design Mechanism (authors of the RuneQuest 6 ruleset) and Chaosium (owners of the rights of RuneQuest and Glorantha) so there won't be a renewal of the license allowing to use these trademarks from july 2016 onwards and their ruleset must have to appear under another name without any relation to them. The future of the games related to Glorantha will be based in a recovery of the RuneQuest 2 ruleset with added elements from RuneQuest 3 and RuneQuest 6.

Regarding the future of other languages editions of RuneQuest 6 (like the one published by Runa Digital in Spain which I reviewed previously in this blog post) it's not clear how this move by Chaosium will affect them.

To know more about the matter you may read the announcement by The Design Mechanism at Google+ and their forums, as well as this announcement in Chaosium's blog and this Runeblog post.

Edge Entertainment announces the Spanish edition of Eclipse Phase.

Devir will reedit Fanhunter.

Nosolorol Ediciones gives more data about the future edition of the role-playing game Peacemaker, settled in the American Old West.

Drama Editorial puts on sale the adventure Trazos del pasado for the game Cultos Innombrables by Nosolorol Ediciones. Profits from the sale of this adventure will be used exclusively for social projects related to environmental needs.

Hermanos Juramentados de la Espada Negra analize first months of their Juégame initiative.

Mariola Juncal is looking for people willing to help developing free gaming materials for the SD6 system to be hosted in the Juégame initiative.

IGN offers a report about the current state of HeroQuest 25 aniversario.

the cultural association Jugamos Todos offers a report about the reedition of the Spanish classic tabletop game En busca del Imperio Cobra, it seems not to have been carried out as correctly as possible...


A.K.A games is carrying out the patronage at Kickstarter to publish First Contact : X-Corps in English, to follow its progress you may see Kicktraq and to read a trnscription of the interview with José Manuel Palacios, creator of the game, of December 10th you may follow this link.

Cloudscape Comics is carrying out the patronage campaign at Kickstarter to finance the publication of Una the blade comic, to follow its progress you may see Kicktraq

The freelance illustrator Ikanart had revamped his patronage campaign at Patreon.


The blog La biblioteca de Dol Amroth nos offers an introduction to role-playing games...

as well as Segunda estrella a la derecha does (both in Spanish).

CBC News offers a news story about effects of long term space voyages on astronauts health.

Tempora Magazine offers a brief report about history of Ancient Assyria (in Spanish).

If you want to know more about medieval castles I advise you to visit Castra in Lusitania (in Spanish).

If you are interested in Ancient History you may like Tombouctu Manuscripts Project.



Kevin Crawford offers the free download of the beta 0.11 version of the supplement Godbound for creating demigod characters and the updated version of his study of TSR publications for all those interested in using a similar layout for their products.

Freak Fashion is creating isometric maps with the aid of the free vector design software Inkscape and makes available to all those interested a download with a first sample pf elements which we can use in our own creations as well as a first tutorial in his Youtube channel.

Fanzine Rolero offers the download of the adventure El hombre que no quería morir for El Trail of Cthulhu (in Spanish).

Steve Jackson Games offers the ruleset of Car Wars Classic as a free download.

Pelgrane Press has updated the download page related to the game Hillfolk and the Dramasystem.

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