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jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

December 2015 news

And we are beginning to see the news of the last month of the year:


Aventureros de la Marca del Este announce Peacemaker, their next game settled in the Far West to be published by Nosolorol.

Dungeons & Cthulhu cancels the patronage campaign of their game although this don't stop its development.

Rol Solidario puts on sale the pdf with the works of the Un Dungeon En Una Página 2015 contest organised by Bastión Rolero, the resulting benefits are completely used in solidarity causes.


Coming December 5th and 6th the Ayudar Jugando 2015 convention will be held in Barcelona.


Do you like well designed fantasy games? Then I recommend you to participate in the patronage campaing of the Spanish game Xanágesis.

DLorean Ediciones is carrying out the patronage for editing again the sword and sorcery novels of Curtis Garland.

Are you interested in classic role-playing games? Then you surely will like the patronage campaign to publish again the second edition of Runequest.

If you need fantasy locations for your campaigns you can support the campaign Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations

Bruce Heard had initiated the patronage campaign to finance the Calidar's continuation: Calidar "Beyond the Skies".


Role-playing games are cultural as can be seen in this post of Laboratorio friki participating in the blog of Tarragona Cultura (both written in catalan).

If you are organizing role-playing sessions with moderns settings you may be interested in the Line of Sight app for tracking satelites using publicly available data (it's code is available at github).

If you are an student or a professor you may be interested in the educative resources available at la Web del Estudiante (written in Spanish).

The modern atmosphere of Mars as seen in low orbit by the Viking mission in 1976. Image credit: NASA

Discovery News offers more information about the ancient Mars atmosphere.

Herman Potočnik's 1928 Wohnrad ("living wheel") space station design. Image credit: NASA

DSFP's Spaceflight History offers information about the project of gemini Space Station of 1962.


Are you searching for minis for your role-playing sessions? At Printable Heroes you will find very interesting samples.


the Spanish role-playing game Walhalla it's also available at Lektu digital platform and also offers free adventures like El último servicio de Svidi Vatnarsson and La llave de carne.

Estudio D6 offers the PWYW download of one of it first products: the Crótalo Star System (written in Spanish).

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