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martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Analysis of the post devoted to crossovers and shared universes

In today's post I will talk about the results and the diffusion of the post about crossovers and shared universes I published last August 19th, i also will ask you about your opinion regarding some of the themes treated and others which could appear in future blog posts.

The post about crossovers and shared universes was publicized through the blog (using the feed) as well as through the social network Google+ using my recently inaugurated collection about RPG theory and publixhin posts in communities I thought to be more adequate, it also had repercussion in Twitter social network, more specifically in La Marca del Este account (with 6 likes and 5 retweets at the time of writing) as well as in issue 75 of Ocin, digital periodical publication of independent leisure.

Result tables

Below are listed the results of visits, comments and +1 (I had taken in account the period between post publishing and the end of the month):

Post Visits Comments +1

415 6 (3 are mine) 12

191 0 0

205 0 1
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Collection Shared Comments +1

Teoría del rol - Teoria del rol - RPG theory
1 0 3
Community Shared Comments +1

Walküre, el juego de rol
(Material de Inspiración)
0 2 (1 is mine) 5

0 1 12

Juegos de Rol en Español
(Publicaciones de Blogs de Rol)
0 0 1

Pen & Paper RPG Bloggers
(Blog Updates)
0 0 2

G+ Tabletop Roleplaying Games
(Directed Promotions)
Without activity

(Shameless Plugs)
Without activity
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As you may see it has been highly successful in the blog although not as much in Google+, being the repercussion more important in Spanish-language role-playing communities, although this relative success degree, whether it's important or not, can also be due to the fact that its publishing was carried out during the summer season and the language barrier, something I hope can be mended in the future by the announcement by Nocturnal Media last May about the release of Aventuras de la Marca del Este and Walküre in English; the question, of course, is if the same will happen with La Puerta de Ishtar and if there will be a English-language publisher willing to publish the translation.

The poll

To finish this analysis post I will like that, if you do not mind and you have time, you fill the poll below:

Thank you for your attention.

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