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miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

A December full of news

This December is full of very interesting news, so don’t waste time and comment them:

Ayudar Jugando 2011

This year’s Ayudar Jugando collect had been really amazing, because they had collect

14141 €!

Congratulations to Ayudar Jugando and all participants.

The Blue Box of Aventuras en La Marca del Este is coming

Since this morning the Blue Box of Aventuras en La Marca del Este is available as a pre-sale from the website of Holocubierta publisher and the online shop Tesoros de la Marca.

35th Lunar Cover of the Fanzine Rolero

Fanzine Rolero inaugurates its 35th lunar cover in the 15th and offers very interesting contents:

We couldn’t miss this saturnal month because it’s time of gifts. The first we announce is Sones de Ablaneda, a recompilation prepared to be used as OST and inspiration for game sessions of Ablaneda JdR, also available in past issues of Fanzine Rolero.

But all people at Arcano XIII are fond of giving RPG gifts. We also bring Tritones, a supplement for Guerrero, Pícaro y Mago not developed by the studio, except its translation and Spanish edition with a new layout and original art.

But the rest of the Fanzine writers also work all the lunar year to give us the gift of their hard work, at the usual sections we can find:

At the reviews we talk about the Spanish version of Dungeon Squad, La Pandilla de la Mazmorra, qmade and distributed by Fian. Nine Worlds will be analyzed by Aquilifer and Kadath, a French product based in Mythos is the goal of Lucinder.

In the Games Workshop, Alex Werden, alongside the first review, talks about how to use historical documents for fantasies or uchronies, Kharma not only returns with his comical strip but also give advice of how to better focus the rules of Wraith, The Oblivion. Cronista talks in Rediscovering the Past what is and the reason of the OSR movement and the retroclones, Nebilim give advice for creating taverns in RPG and Carlos Plaza retakes a classical section of FR giving advice of how to role-play the movie The Name of the Rose.

There’s also other playing material apart of Tritones. La Señal de Kon adapts the homonymous book to the Cthulhu Dark system, and Carlos offers an initiation module for Shadow Hunters: Misterio en las Alcantarillas.

We hope once more that you like it. We have our doubts that there will be no more FR because the world could end in 2012, but we hope that, if anything, seek to have fun this holiday as if it did. We are in it.

Note: This is a translation of the press note of Fanzine Rolero (it is written in Spanish).

Demonio Sonriente offers the files of Cacería de Bichos

After the sale of the books of Cacería de Bichos Zonk PJ is making publicly available the texts of both books in different file formats.

In addition to these downloads it could be interesting to check this other downloads available in his website and the unofficial supplements devoted to Star Trek (available at Fanzine Rolero) ]) and Aliens (available at the blog Outcasted Project).

Underdark Gazette is moving

And to finish a service note: the blog Underdark Gazette moves to Dreams of Mythic Fantasy. The old blog will close in January 2th 2012, so its advisable to update your links if you follow it.

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