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jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

January 2012 news

Interesting news in this the first month of the year:

Wizards of the Coast announces the making of the 5th edition of dungeons & Dragons

Through Aventuras en La Marca del Este I got news of the start of development of the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

What can we think about it? Clearly in the fourth edition, with the restrictive policies taken by Wizards and Hasbro regarding licences’ use and the transformation of the game for making it, theoretically, more compatible with the likes of new generations have alienated an important part of buyers’ base (the rise of the Old School phenomenon, a return to the roots of the game, maybe have influenced in some way, because to play role-playing games you don’t need a lot of rule books that, in some cases, have demonstrated to be too complicated).

Wizards make amends and announces that players will be consulted to create an edition that will like, but it can be a bit difficult (as can be seen in this comic strip of Penny Arcade, seen in the comments of this post in Aventuras de La Marca del Este. Well, time will tell.

36th Lunar Cover of Fanzine Rolero

Fanzine Rolero inaugurates the 36th lunar cover with interesting contents:

This January full moon we bring a new version of an old friend’s game: Aventuras Épicas. Man and role-playing gamer cannot live by Arcano XII alone, so when Trukulo gave us this opportunity we couldn’t refuse.

This version of Aventuras Épicas haven’t gone through important text changes, but has a revamped layout thanks to Igner Elder, we hope that this new availability will encourage those who were clueless about it, as this was offered before in FR.

And now let’s talk about the other contents in our regular sections:

In reviews debuts Capitán Alain Masseri talking about Mazes & Minotaurs, Tirano analyzes Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, acclaimed as one of the year’s game and Carlos Plaza talks about the Edición Primigenia of La Llamada de Cthulhu. We also have an actual play of La Puerta de Ishtar, a big exclusive.

Assessments about games and games’ lines don’t end here. Darkos returns to FR with an approach to Mutants & Masterminds line and its future, while Carlos Plaza, as the line’s editor, looks back to Shadow Hunters during the last year.

Kharma’s comic strip (juegos indie) goes on, so does a review of the Old School Renaissance (OSR) movement’s history and meaning and the retroclones of D&D and Tirano is immersed in the design and multidisciplinarity in role-playing games.

In useful materials for gaming, called by us as Módulos & Roleables, Tirano talks about adapting settings for his Wizardz & Warriorz, Khazike with Milagros de Ablaneda begins to give us ideas for adventures for his game and Kon carries on offering a bestiary for Historias de Darakkia. We don’t abandon games offered for free in previous full moons Fanzine, because we have a full-scale module with La Cripta del Trono del Señor Afligido for Guerrero, Pícaro y Mago by Khazike.

And finally we begin to recover contents of the defunct NSR magazine with a revised article of how to adapt to role-play the book Las Profecías del Mothman, so Werden can proof the republishing protocol.

We hope you will appreciate the effort for supporting home-grown games as it exceeds the average standard content.

Note: This is a translation of the press note of Fanzine Rolero (it is written in Spanish).

Holocubierta news: Jerusalén 1119 and Aventuras en La Marca del Este

There are interesting news from Holocubierta publishing house because they announce the future publication of Jerusalén 1119, an historical role-playing game with its setting set in the century after the First Crusade, for more information you can check the game development blog.

Regarding Aventuras en La Marca del Este there are two interesting news, first they have announced the development of an adventures compendium for the game and second the upcoming publication of the basic manual in Argentina, a fact I’m sure that will please this country’s gamers.

Upcoming edition of RuneQuest

For finishing I inform you that the sixth edition of RuneQuest role-playing game will be published by The Design Mechanism.

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