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sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

January 2013 News

Interesting news in this first month of the year:

Torre Lúdicus is coming...

Desde el Sótano reaches its 105th edition

The online magazine Desde el Sótano reaches its 105th edition with the following articles:

(Note: This is a translation to English of the magazine press note as it is written in Spanish):

  • Editorial: a word from the maker.
  • Credits: Those who are behind this (and make it possible).
  • Index
  • Basement Answers: Questions from the fans and the best of our responses.
  • The Voice: Conferences, meetings and events for the coming days and months.
  • Basement exterior: Section with interesting news from the outside world.
  • Illness: Trench foot. What goes on when you are all day in a damp foxhole(Comandos)
  • History: Brief history of Cunia: the Moors. We continue reeling off the history of the suffering city (for Rol Negro, 1808 and coming games).
  • Groups: Panther Wariors. A group of fearsome warriors forming the spearhead of H'sar trrops in Pangea.
  • Street Guide: Milo&Rinaldo. Fashion businessmen form Cunia and their relationships with the mob.
  • System: Injuries type IV. A detailed explanation of this type of injury and rules for an easy managing (Sistema Sombra).
  • Profession: Army Guides. Specialised professions for the armies of 1808.
  • Economy: Vehicles for rental. Fees for cabs, limousines and cars with and without driver in the city of Cunia.
  • Aids: Rules for ghosts. Rules for including ghosts in your gaming sessions of Rol Negro.
  • Fauna: Nintulãtum. A new creature for the worls of La Puerta de Ishtar.
  • General: Equipment for mountain troops. Be ready to be cold in Comandos.
  • Survival: Survival spheres. After a failed apocalypse it is normal that surplus equipment get to Exo.
  • Objects: Equipment for the Panther Warrior. Masks and weapons of the fearful H'sar elite warriors of Pangea.
  • Weapons: Rifles of Napoleonic Wars. An explanation of how to charge these weapons and its problems for 1808
  • Cronology: the war every day, January 1940.
  • Runes: news of Pangea.
  • The Truth: Cunia news of the day. January 2012.
  • A.D.E.G. '69: Enteku 3469
  • A.D.E.G. '68: Review of 3468. A review, nation by nation, everythig thtat happened last year in the Exo galaxy.
  • Rol Negro: The case of the murdered sorceress. The death of a woman is tinged with supernatural aspects, a challenge for investigators in Cunia.
  • Exo: El Viaje de la Amazona. Third and last part of the stellar ship Amazona as a setting.

Guide for converting adventures to Món de Monstres

Maqui Edicions offers a guide for converting published adventures of Dungeons & Dragons to the game Món de Monstres (which I reviewed time ago).

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
Castellano Català

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