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miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013

Review of Open Gaming Monthly #5

In today's post I offer you the review of the fifth issue of the magazine Open Gaming Monthly thanks again to John Reyst and D20PFSRD kindness and available through its online shop.


This fifth issue is devoted to heroes and offers a series of articles related to them that will allow referees to create adventures worth telling and players to buid their characters to face them. Contents of this issue continue to be mostly related to Pathfinder, but there's also a pair of articles written with Labyrinth Lord in mind, and yes, I'm one of the authors.

I will also take this opportunity to remind you that it is still possible to acquire A New Hope Bundle to help Rick Hershey, the magazine editor, and his family.

Contents review

Inside Featured Content you will find the following contents:

A Few Legendary Foes from the Book of Beasts offers an advancement of 4 creatures that appear in this supplement writen by John Brazer Enterprises.

Weapons of Renown presents a set of optional rules to create worthy weapons for our heroes, so if you want to create your own version of Excalibur this article would interest you.


The Dragon Cemetery is my article of this issue, referees of Labyrinth Lord or other games of the Old School sphere will find a truly dangerous location not very easy to escape alive, so if your players have dealt easily with your dragons perhaps this is the site you may need.

Unbalanced Party is , unlike the contents of this issue, a little humorous tale about an adventurers group exploring the tipical dungeon, when reading it you surely will remember many anecdotes of your gaming sessions.


Inside articles for players we will find the following ones:

Luck of the Draw discusses the disadvantages that players can choose when they create their characters and suggests a few examples to consider.

Open Gaming Monthly Guide to Sidekicks is about the sidekick (non-player characters) that accompany our heroes in their adventures, systematizing the different types of companions and offering a set of new features that can be useful when creating them.


Guide to Minotaur presents data required to interpret the minotaurs as a player race, which includes indications about this racial archetype as well as different type of characters that can be accessed.

The Optimal Path: Mammoth Rider expands the set of options appears on the Mammoth Rider prestige class for the Druids or Paladins with the possibility of having a companion animal can enjoy a truly spectacular mount.


Inside articles for Game Masters we will find the following ones:

Putting the Legend in Legendary Evil gives us tips for creating enemies that are on a par with the heroes (you never have to make it easy for them, right?).

Labyrinth Lord Magic Items provides a comprehensive list of various types of magical items distributed under twelve distinct categories, including among many other weapons and armor, scrolls, potions, jewelry, etc..

Inside columns we will find the following articles:

Behind the Spells: Meteor Swarm continues with the study of spells appearing in the SRD of the game (since its origins in version 1.0 of the game to 3.5) providing other spells that can be related in some way.

The Good, The Bad, The Henchmen give us three characters with their complete game statistics. This time we have Lord Michael the Betrayer (a disgraced hero), the damned sword Abaddon (responsible for Lord Michael's situation) and Alis, the daughter of Lord Michael (the scout with orders to find him).


Final thoughts

This issue gathers ingredients and ideas to design gaming sessions that, after the suggested central subject, heroes, certainly will be memorable whatever game system you regularly use, so I think that is highly recommended.

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
Castellano Català

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