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domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

August 2013 news

Game designer Rick Hershey needs your help

Author and game designer Rick Hershey, co-owner of Fat Goblin Games (which publishes the magazine Open Gaming Monthly I reviewed previously in this posts: OPM #1, OPM #2, OPM #3 y OPM #4) needs your help:

A New Hope

My name is Rick Hershey. I’ve worked in the game industry for over 12 years now, doing illustration, graphic design, cartography, writing, game design, publishing, and much more. I love this industry, I love making games, and I love the people I’ve worked with over the years.I have an amazing wife, Tristan Hershey, and four wonderful children (Mya, Marilyn, Madilyn, and Ricky). Shortly after my wife and I were married, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and all our hopes, dreams, and plans were altered. For the last six years we’ve struggled to fight her disease (which also has given her constant kidney stones, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, and a mini-stroke) while raising our children and trying to better our lives. I support our family on freelancing and publishing as I need to be home daily in case she is sick. The NEW HOPE BUNDLE is a means for my family to get the start to prosper we would of had without her disease. It’s a means to overcome the debt from her illness and to start a new life with a chance to succeed.

What We Need & What You Get

When you purchase the NEW HOPE BUNDLE you get tons of pdf books from your favorite publishers, including the bulk of Fat Goblin Games products. That is hundreds of dollars of gaming goodness for a small price. The money we earn goes directly to the Hershey family and will allow us to pay off bills, move to a better residence, and help alleviate the burden this disease has caused. In addition, a portion of the money raised will go to establishing a non-profit group to help aid other game designers, writers, artists, and members of the game industry in their times of need.

The Impact

Working in the gaming industry doesn’t make most of us rich. I work hard to provide for my family as well as producing fun content for my own products and those of my clients. By purchasing the NEW HOPE BUNDLE you will remove an immense amount of stress from my family and allow us to worry about important things such as my wife’s ongoing health and our children’s happiness.

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you can help, if you get the bundle or not. Please take a moment and share the link to this bundle on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. There are buttons at the top to make this even easier. Post in groups, on forums, and tell your friends. Make a big deal about this bundle and the value of these products and how everyone can help a family of the gaming industry. If you are publisher and want to contribute to the bundle, that is great as well, and will be very much appreciated. Contact me and I’ll give you the info to add your own products to the NEW HOPE BUNDLE.

Desde el Sótano reaches its 111th edition

The online magazine Desde el Sótano reaches 111th edition with the following articles (Note: The magazine is writen in Spanish):

  • Editorial: a word from the maker.
  • Credits: Those who are behind this (and make it possible).
  • Index
  • Basement Answers: Questions from the fans and the best of our responses.
  • The Voice: Conferences, meetings and events for the coming days and months.
  • Basement exterior: Section with interesting news from the outside world.
  • Bibliography: Nunca Nieva en Septiembre. A review of an interesting book for Comandos about the Market Garden operation from the German perspective.
  • Characters: Playing Sheller. First in a series of articles with ideas for playing alien species inExo.
  • Groups: Caravans. We continue this series of articles on how the different races of Pangea travel. In this issue the humans.
  • Characters: Patxi. One of the oldest prisoners of Isla Diablo, in Cunia's coast (Rol Negro).
  • Skills: Bike riding. A new skill for introducing bycicles in your gaming sessions of Comandos.
  • Specialization: Telecom. Using telepaths in trading realtions. a new specialization for creating them in Exo.
  • Fauna: Warty frogs. Different uses and applications of this amphibian of Pangea.
  • Fauna: Suhrim. A white gorilla for La Puerta de Ishtar.
  • Vehicles: BSA Airborne Bicycle. A journey, photographically documented, of bicycles used by airborne troops, for Comandos.
  • Communications: Advertising Spider. Do you feel that advert is chasing you? Possibly you're right, Exo works in this manner.
  • Weapons: Patxi's guns. Two penitentiary firearms attributed to one of the inmates of Isla Diablo, showed in this magazine (Rol Negro).
  • Survival: Rafts. Used for fishing and trading, this article will reveal its secrets for Pangea.
  • Chronology: the war every day, July 1940.
  • Chronology: the war every day, August 1940.
  • Runes: news of Pangea.
  • The Truth: Cunia news of the day. July and August 2013.
  • A.D.E.G. '69: Special: The iroendi incident. What a mess!
  • Chronology: July 1808.
  • Chronology: August 1808.
  • 1808: El Bós. A gaming session set in the Almagrera mountain range, with mines, landowners, Frenchmen, Englishmen and boxers, yes, you have red it right, boxers.
  • Exo: Así en la Tierra como en el cielo. Characters are in a quiet spaceport, savoring a well deserved feast of local seafood in what promises to be a good start for a well deserved holiday when a vessel breaks the sound barrier over their heads ...

XX Gaming Days at Reus (28th and 29th September 2013)

The Associació de Jugadors i Jugadores de Rol de Reus (AJJRR) (Spain) will held on September 28th and 29th, 2013 its XX Gaming Days, an event that enjoys wide recognition among fans, inviting fans to participate in groups, associations.

Any proposed collaboration should be made by e-mail stating:
  • Name of activity, description and number of people who can participate.
  • Organising entity and responsible people.
  • E-mail and Contact phone.
  • Date and time of the activity (the schedule of the event will be Saturday from 02h to 10h and Sundays from 10h to 20h).
  • Infrastructure needs, material and space.
The activities planned so far are:
  • Games for beginners and demonstration activities for different RPGs, wargames with miniatures and board games and cards.
  • Several tournaments and competitions (Blood Bowl confirmed).
  • Geek Market (space for buy, sell and trade games and related items open to all attendees who wish to install a stand).
  • Thematic night "Space Opera" (supper, live role-playing, "surprise" B-movies and activities set in this genre of science fiction about space located adventures).
  • Sweepstakes of RPGs, board games, card games, miniatures, modeling material, books and comics among attendees.
To contact AJJRR:

Eduard Toda 12 baixos esquerra 43204 Reus (Spain)
Telf: 977 12 82 46

RuneQuest 6 will have an Spanish edition

From Design Mechanism forums comes confirmation of the sixth edition of RuneQuest for Spain in early 2014. This edition will be pubkished by Francisco Castillo and Juan Luis López–Ortega through Runa digital, a recently founded publishing house.

Nosolorol will publish The Dresden Files RPG


Nosolorol publisher has announced an agreement with Evil Hat to publish in 2014 The Dresden Files RPG, based in books written by Jim Butcher.

Patronage of Space 1889

Angus Abranson, owner of Chronicle City and Clockwork Publishing is carrying out the patronage for the new edition of the father of the role-playing games of the steampunk genre: Space 1889.

Learn Tabletop RPGs

Sailing in Internet I've discovered a website it could interest you: Learn Tabletop RPGs.

This site objective is to introduce role-playing games to newcomers, to achieve it the site have various texts and videos to help to present basic concepts for this kind of games and links to freely download introductory rulesets for different genres.

MIT OpenCourseWare

To end with this news I leave you with the link to the website of the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) where you can freely download all materials of their courses online, an interesting resource that can be used in the design of our gaming sessions.

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