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sábado, 5 de octubre de 2013

Revista de Rol: Interview with Tiberio

Today I offer an interview with Jorge Coto Bautista (known in Spanish rolepaying circles as Tiberio), we wiil talk about his patronage for Revista de Rol (Roleplaying Magazine).

El Dado Inquieto: Hello Jorge, welcome to El Dado Inquieto.

Jorge Coto Bautista: Thank you very much, I'm not being used to be the interviewed person, I'm nervous! :)

EDI: To begin with, and for the benefit of those people don't know you, can you briefly talk about your ludic bibliography? (published games, games you enjoy, genres that you feel comfortable with...).

JCB: In paper I have published only a game, Roma, with publisher Ludotecnia. Time ago I also wrote articles for Sire and 2d10 magazines. As self publisher I published several books and for those related to roleplaying games the most important are two tpb of The Freak Times. In digital format stands out Trasgos y Mazmorras (Goblins and Dungeons) with publisher Trasgotauro.

Regarding games I enjoy, the truth is that I am mostly fantasy and dungeons, although it doesn't mean I can't enjoy other topics, of course. In fact I change as I see fit. My preferred games are so diverse like Exo, AD&D, Cyberpunk, Aquelarre, La Puerta de Ishtar or Kult :).

EDI: Let's talk about the magazine, you had named it as Revista de Rol (Roleplaying Magazine)... It's a bit generic, isn't it? This name will be the final one or it will be another?

JCB: It will have another name... well, I hope so :D

My intention is that the magazine to be very collaborative at the creative level. Patrons are not only patrons, they are also partners and will have decision-making capacity, including such things as material to be published in the magazine and, of course, its name :)

EDI: Those last days people have talked a lot about the project you have started and how successful it is (€ 3,904 raised of a total of € 6,500 at the moment I'm preparing to interview), what are the reasons you have been led to start this patronage?

JCB: Put together I really wanted to do this magazine, I saw clearly that it could be viable... and I'm unemployed and I am really poor :)

EDI: Assuming that the funds collected exceed € 6,500 (which is quite likely seeing the current rate of contributions) do you think you will add more rewards or changes in the magazine, such as increasing the number of pages or its publishing periodicity?

JCB: The latter option surely. Extra money will be used to better pay collaborators, to publish one more issue (for the same price), to have more pages... it will be decided as we approach this moment.

EDI: How it is the magazine structure regarding number of pages and contents?, there will be only adventures and game aids for games published or translated in Spain or you will include material for foreign games?, there will be only commercial games or do you consider free games also?

JCB: It will have 60 pages almost dedicated to adventures and game aids. All types of games will be covered, mainly the most played games in Spain (not exclusively though).

EDI: This kind of magazine needs contributors to provide content that make it attractive to readers, there's known people of the Spanish rolesphere among its authors?

JCB: Several :). And renowned authors too. Partners have already known some of them because they have received some contents of the first issue if the magazine and, slowly, will know the other ones.

EDI: Are you open to future collaborations?

JCB: I implore future collaborations! : D Anyone interested can send me an email to

EDI: The magazine will be sold only in specialty stores or will be sold also distributed in more general sales points, such as kiosks and bookstores?

JCB: In the short term, only in specialty stores. Afterwards, we'll see.

EDI: Since it is also expected that the magazine exists in digital format (PDF File) have you thought about the possibility of distributing it in online shops (right now I'm thinking about Tesoros de la Marca or RPGNOW).

JCB: Yes, it's what we are thinking about.

EDI: Sometimes in magazines like those you want to edit publishers offer previews of their products as promotional materials (right now I'm thinking about Open Gaming Monthly), have any publisher contacted you to reach an agreement regarding this?, do you will accept if they put forth it?

JCB: Ther has been an offering and, of course, I accepted :)

EDI: Some people would say that daring to start this kind of project (a printed magazine) may seem very audatious seeing the current economic situation. What you will say to these persons?

JCB: I'll say them to look at all the roleplaying games being published in Spain. I don't know, perhaps it's by chance, but I have the theory that crises are good for folrplaying games in Spain. People looks for cheaper hobbies. And roleplaying must be one of the cheapest hobbies there.

On the other hand, when people say he likes to roleplaying but can not do often, saying that for lack of time. Sadly many people in Spain have much free time: (

EDI: Given the many projects that are appearing on the Spanish roleplaying scene (either self-created or translations of foreign games), do you believe that we have a roleplaying resurgence in Spain?

JCB: Absolutely. I think we live in one of the sweetest moments of roleplaying in Spain. This works in waves, and we are now at the top.

EDI: Leaving aside the magazine you have any other future project that you can reveal?

JCB: The magazine is not the only publication next year, and it's all I can say :).

EDI: Thank you for your attention and congratulations on your idea, I hope that the magazine has the success it deserves.

JCB: I hope so ... And it deserves that much! : D

Thank you for everything.

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