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sábado, 31 de mayo de 2014

May 2014 news (Third part)

And more news for this month's last post:




There are more news of Dungeons & Dragons Next. To see an updated recap of how this fifth incarnation of the game will be you may read this article at EN World. Also Wizards of the Coast announces that the basic version of the game will be available as a free pdf download.

Traduciendo Rol announces the project to edit Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment in Spain.


A new initiative of roleplaying games and youth literature is born in Spain: Akuma Studio. The goal of this project is to promote publishing of games by Spanish authors with the utmost respect for the work of artists and illustrators with a careful editorial line.

Its first project is the roleplaying game Akuma, of manga aesthetics scheduled to be financed with a crowdfunding campaign through Verkami.

Three Fourteen Games is selling the dystopic setting Lluvia. Revenues will be donated to Fundación de Amigos del Centro de Salud Infantil de Varsovia.

Holocubierta announces that the reissue of the Red and Green boxes of Aventuras en la Marca del Este in Spain wiil go ahead albeit with a smaller print run.

The pdf of the basic box of Adventures in the East Mark (american edition of Aventuras en la Marca del Este by Extra-Dimensional Publishing thanks to a patronage in Kickstarter) is now on sale in DriveThruRPG.



On Saturday June 21 will take place I Jornada Friki-Rol Aranjuez in Spain. Among the many activities that will take place also will be featured the roleplaying game Walhalla.


Winchell Chung, creator of the website Atomic Rockets (a must for any author who wants to treat space travel from a scientific perspective) has established a patronage in Patreon for anyone willing and able to help him in its maintenance.

Alek Santonja "Kano" has started the patronage Table Runner in Verkamito produce tablecloths that can also be used as game boards in our roleplaying sessions.


Federal Communications Commision (FCC) of United States is working to promote a set of rules to allow North American communication companies to end with Net Neutrality. To avoid this there's an online petition ongoing.

The New York Metropolitan Art Museum makes available to Internet users near de 400,000 works of its open collection (see Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions).

If you are interested in visualise the great number of satellites in Earth orbit you will want to check Lots of Satellites.


The 13th Age System Reference Document by Pelgrane Press it's already available to be freely downloadable form DriveThruRPG.

Another roleplaying game of your intrest may be Open Adventure, with a beta available in this link.

From the blog Rol the bones Jacobo Peña offers an extended version (in Spanish) of Cthulhu Oscuro by Graham Walmsley.

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
Castellano Català

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