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lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Review of Crítico #2

I begin this month with the review of the second issue of Crítico, magazine of which I am a patron and with the following contents in this edition:

Adventure for Z-Corps written by José Manuel Palacios located in the subway of the city of New York (you are probably acquainted with it due to the large number of movies and tv series filmed in its facilities) where characters will have to manage to survive the outbreak of a plague of the living dead.

La Niña (The Little Girl)
Ghosts adventure written by Diego Lopez for the game Fragmentos where the characters will meet a misterious little girl...

Fragmentos de la Atlántida (Shards of Atlantis) Adventure for the Hitos system written by Javier Fernandez Valls where characters, part of an archaeological expedition in the Svalbard island, will discover long time lost secrets...

En Río Revuelto (In Troubled Waters)
Detective adventure located in Roman Hispania written by Fabián Plaza Miranda presented without a specific game system, so its quite easy to adapt it to any ruleset of our choice.

Ideas de Aventuras (Adventure ideas)
This second issue also have four adventure ideas to be used with Z-Corps, Kult, La Puerta de Ishtar and Shadowrun written by José Manuel Palacios and Jorge Coto Bautista.

Once I have spoken about the content of this second installment I must honestly discuss how the magazine has evolved both in terms of graphical quality and of their articles.

Beginning with the cover there's an obvious improvement of it, made by Pinturero (blog and official website), in this case clearly relates to the first of the adventures I have mentioned, other illustrations complementing the text (a combination of photographs and decorative items) perfectly fulfills its purpose as in this case have been selected images and motifs that can be related directly to the content.

Regarding the articles is clearly intended to give more importance to the adventures that can be played over game aids, besides the quality of these has improved visibly (at least I like them most than those in the first issue) and are easily adaptable to games we already have (the magazine also offers links to download free alternative game statistics for them).

To finish just to remind you that the magazine is distributed in physical format in Spain by Distribuciones Sombra and it's also available in digital format in DriveThruRPG and Lektu platforms.

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
Castellano Català

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