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lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

Review of Fate Acelerado (FAE)

Today I bring you the review of the game Fate Acelerado (FAE) by Evil Hat in its Spanish edition carried out by conBarba (both can be acquired at a low price and downloaded under the PWYW formula from their websites).

Like other games I had been reviewing lately FAE takes as a basis the Fudge system and its evolution in the Fate system (also from Evil Hat) and consists in an abridged version meant to begin to play with minimal preaparation time to any history the referee had thought about and with any kind of characters playres had created...

Some of you can believe the previous statement to be somewaht bold, but I assure you FAE is really versatile and can be used in any genre or adventure you thought about (whether it's your own invention or an adaptation of your favorite novel, film or television series). To achieve this it uses the main characteristic of this system, consisting in a description of characters with aspects: sentences and words used by players to describe them as they see fit.

This aspects will be the high concept (clearly defining the character's role), a trouble (a situation, an enemy, an attitude, etc. that will surely make their life more interesting and dangerous) and up to 3 more aspects used for add more characteristics the player think will be more important.

After the aspects players can choose their aproaches levels (how their characters acomplish a given task that in FAE is used instead of Fate abilities as such) using the scale of adjectives and names used in Fate to rate abilitie's levels and add to the score obtained throwing 4 Fudge / Fate dice

+8 Legendary
+7 Epic
+6 Fantastic
+5 Superb
+4 Great
+3 Good
+2 Fair
+1 Average
0 Mediocre
-1 Poor
-2 Terrible

Character approaches will be Careful (how cautious are you carrying out an action), Clever (how smart and bright is solving problems), Flashy (how dramatic, bold and striking is his action), Forceful (how strong he could be), Quick (how fast and agile he can be) and Sneaky (how he can go unnoticed or deceive someone).

Finally players can choose 3 free stunts (special capabilities or those in which they are really skilled and permit characters to improve a given approach) without diminishing refresh capability (the 3 initial Fate points used to activate aspect powers, their own and those occurring during the adventure invoking them).

To finish this review i offer you as an additional download to the article a pair of characters created with FAE rules to be used with those in the game (illustrations had been made with Hero Machine 3 application with some later adjustments).

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
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