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miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

February 2015 news

And February begins with a few news:


If you need to introduce role-playing games to neophytes you may be interested in this website: Learn Tabletop RPGs.


Next Saturday February 7th (17:00 - 21:00) La Cofradia will held Torre Lúdicus 4, their fourth Open Day of tabletop, strategy, cards and role-playing games in Torre Llobeta Community Center of Barcelona (Spain).


Jeff Perren, creator along with Gary Gygax of the miniatures game Chainmail (the game that later gave birth to Dungeons & Dragons) needs help to finance a stair lift for his home due to his helth issues, you can make your donations at gofundme.

Website Ludoscopia, devoted to tabletop games, offers the chance to announce and support games' patronages, if you have a project you may contact them spread it.

Kaitlin Peavler is creating stock illlustrations in Patreon.

Drew Wilson is creating in Patreon the narrative for City of Needles, a city for Numenéra.

Tesladyne has a campaign in Patreon for keep up creating comic books of Atomic Robo.


Darvasa gas crater panorama (CC-BY-SA 2.0) - Tormod Sandtorv

Surely the Darvaze well in Turkmenistan (also known as Door to Hell) will give you many ideas...

In the old Yugoslavia some monuments were built that certainly seem taken from a science fiction movie.

High school students in Spain create the videogame Elders of Madness to learn how to program (via Miguel Ángel García Guerra and Xataka)

If you like science-fiction and write surely you will like the SciFi Ideas website.

And to finish this section a pair of Youtube channels you surely will like:

SpaceRip, with videos about astronomy and space exploration...

and Artifexian, about believable worldbuilding.


From Walking in Shadows comes a reaaly important list of resources related to Fate.

Are you interested in role-playing games and want to try them without spending a coin? Perhaps you will be interested in games of OCYO system (available under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 ES license and written in Spanish).

Michael Wolf, from Stargazer's World had decided to amde available to fans the mechanics of the game Warrior, Rogue & Mage under CC BY 3.0 license (see the announcement in this link and a little clarification regarding it in this other one), which has already led to the emergence of a website with the game SRD: WYRM SRD.

You may also be interested in the world of Talislanta, withs its manuals freely available from its website under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 US license.

The preview of the expanded edition of the supplement Petty Gods for OSR games is already available through RPGNow.


The fourth issu of the Spanish fanzine Aventuras Bizarras is already available from its website and the first issue is already available in DriveThruRPG under PWYW format.

First issue of the free magazine The Sandbox by kevin Crawford (Sine Nomine Publishing) is available to download from DriveThruRPG.

Spanish author Laura Gallego, creator of Memorias de Idhun saga makes available to Internet users part of his tales and novels as some of them were not published by a reason or another or nowadays are difficult to find.

If you like mistery and investigation games you will also like Against de Unknown, availale under PWYW format in DriveThruRPG and based in the Gumshoe System.

As part of its promotion campaign for the patronage beginning next February 11th Burning Games makes available as a free download de his game FAITH: the Sci-Fi RPG.

Comic books


The comic Atomic Robo is available to be read online.

Cinema and television

J. Michael Straczynski will adapt Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson for Spike-TV.

Before the extensive use of computer generated effects it was very common to use painted backgrounds and overlay live action over them, a technique which Industrial Light and Magic gratly dominated, if you want to know more about this technique you may read this article at Gizmodo.

Do you want to see a quick overview of science fiction cinema from 1902? This video by Iban Corominas is all you need.

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