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domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

January 2015 news

Let's begin the year with a news assortment:


Maqui Edicions announces the put on sale of the Catalan edition of the game Outer Space by Anthony Combrexelle.

The first edition of the role-playing game Comandos de Guerra (of which I talked about in the last news post of 2015) is sold in a facsimile edition through the Lektu Platform at €1.

Coinciding with the previous new ¡Dale al dado! offers an interview with Ediciones Sombra.

Nosolorol Ediciones presents the coming publishing of the role-playing game Magissa by Lavondyss.

Demonio Sonriente puts on sale the adventure La Noche Más Larga Que Recuerdo product of his patronage campaign at Patreon through Lektu and Tesoros de La Marca.

Rol de los 90 offers an interesting summary of the state of role-playing games in Spain during 2015.

Rob Lang (also known by The Free RPG Blog) involves us with the state of his science-fiction role-playing game ICAR.

Dungeons & Cthulhu presents the project aof the game Game Dos and asks for fans aid to bring it to fruition.

Juegos y Dados interviews Francesc Matas Salla, founder of the already dissapeared Joc Internacional publisher.


The Center for the Study of the Public Domain of the Duke Law School reminds us of the cultural works becoming available in the public domain with the beginning of this year.

Credit: Farouk Al-Rawi

New clay tablets with unknown verse until now of the Epic of Gilgamesh had been discovered.

Credit: James Machin

A new letter of Howard Phillips Lovecraft sent to J.C. Henneberger, publisher of Weird Tales had been discovered, to know more about it you may read this article by The Lovecraft Ezine and this other one by the Harry Ransom Center.

Lancers, detail from the archers' frieze
in Darius' palace

Ghilbrae offers an interesting series of two articles written in Spanish about the history of archery and how to apply it to role-playing games (first and second part).


Grecia: El Juego de Rol offers Vademécum, the third supplement of the game, as a free download (written in Spanish).

Px Magazine and David Verzobias offer many images as a free download under a Creative Commons license.

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens the role-playing community is beginning to create contents inspired by the film, like the Savage Worlds adaptation by Crónicas del Clan Lobo Gris, tokens of Star Wars prepared by Rolero Rural or the indications for playing with Barbarians of Lemuria by 77studios, you also can check contents which are appearing quite often in the Star Wars D6 Community at Google+.


Trollish Delver Games offers the generic ruleset Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying and the setting Somnium Void as PWYW downloads at DriveThruRPG.

Cinema and television

The advancement of the second season of the Spanish television series El Ministerio del Tiempo is already available:

Paramount Pictures had sued the fanfilm production Star Trek Axanar, to know more about the opinion of Alec Peters, the promoter of this fanfilm, you may read his declarations at Bleedingcool.

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