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lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

June 2012 news

Role-playing complements for Garbo: Double agent post

As the first news of this June I pass the reference of other add-ons for the article Garbo: Double agent. To begin it here are two links dedicated to Twilight 2000 in the comments of the Catalan version of this article: Ecos en el Vacío with information to adapt the game to World War II and Paul Mulcahy Pages, which contain much material devoted to the time such as this example dedicated to German submachine guns.

I end this news bit with the discovery of Sword +1 blog, viewed in the list of blogs in Dreams of Mythic Fantasy, and more specifically supplements Warriors of Currahee (with notes to create the likes of American paratroopers who jumped in Normandy on that June 6) and Modern Firearms (which allows the introduction of modern firearms for games Old School).

La Cofradía del Rol invites you to know about their activities

The gaming club La Cofradía del Rol, with whom I collaborate regularly, has given me this magnificent poster for you to know their recreational activities. If you are curious and want to know what are role-playing games and board games, or are already part of your hobbies and want to meet other players and have a meeting space, have no doubt, La Cofradía may be the place you're looking for.

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 41th edition

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 41th edition with the following contents (Note: this is the translation of the press note provided by the fanzine, it is written in Spanish):

As announced previously, Arcano XIII again offer this material in Fanzine Rolero for this moon and nothing more and nothing less than a supplement to Warrior, Rogue and Mage: The Art of Combat, new rules (such as parry and dodge) new talents and armor to complement the game.

All this in a Spanish edition of the original Stargazer Games illustrated again with new designs we hope you like it, but let’s go to our usual content.

In review and analysis we take a look at the newly emerged Great Hero, the game's action film that Werden puts under scrutiny for checking it and know if it complies with its huge ambitions. Aquilifer begins to break down as his course in the campaign of Arthur (the new edition, not the one published Joc) in Pendragon RPG and Cifu tells us how it is the Legend of 5 Rings simplifying its system of rules using merely SD6.

This moon we have put in more meat on the grill than usual in playing aids: Carlos offers Combate y Enemigos, considerations on the action and challenge fights in Shadow Hunters, Mulko offers us play Song of Ice and Fire using XD6, Cronista provides optional rules for El Reino de la Sombra, Werden gives considerations and tips for tackling Apocalypse World’ Whirlwind Psychic, while Cifu, from games workshop, will teach us to make characters using the system divination of I-Ching. Apart from all this, we retrieve a text from Pedro J. Ramos provide more background on the arms and daemon objects for Stormbringer and similar games

On direct playable material we have the conclusion of Los Mapas del Reino Antiguo by Jkeats (recovered from the defunct magazine NSR) and La Cueva de Ayalga for Ablaneda written by Kha, author of the game, and of course, the comic strip by Kharma and the downloadable content mentioned before.

We have recently received more visits per month than ever, so we try to improve ourselves to keep up, it’s your turn to judge it.

Presenting La Alianza de los Tres Soles at El Mirador Literario de Ribas

Roberto Alhambra, the author of Siempre Amanece por Oriente, whom I interviewed in this blog’s post, asks me to inform that on Thursday 14th at 19:30 pm, there will be a talk about the first part of La Alianza de los Tres Soles in the space "Mirador literario de Rivas".

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