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sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

Review of Fiasco

In today’s post I return to the role-playing games reviews and I do so with Fiasco, the game by Bully Pulpit Games published in Spain by Edge Entertainment.

Using Fiasco you can create stories referencing movies like Blood Simple or L.A. Confidential. In such stories protagonists tend to be individuals that appear to know no limits and willing to carry out any act to succeed in their plans (although there will be betrayals, disappointments and deaths all the way and everything can end in a disaster that only very lucky ones can go unscathed).

Regarding the rules Fiasco is characterized for being a game with shared storytelling as a basis, meaning that there isn’t a fixed script and the story is developed through the interaction between players (who take turns describing scenes), the elements that can be chosen in the 4 lists for every Playset (Relationships, Objects, Needs and Locations) and the use of a set of six-sided dice (2 white ones and 2 black ones for every player) that will serve to choose randomly elements of the lists, decide the outcome of scenes (that can be good or bad if the dice is white or black) and events that can unexpectedly do a twist to the plot and finally the consequences that the story will have for characters.

Fiasco is a really special game that needs the complicity of players to achieve its full potential, so if you like storytelling I’m sure you will like it.

The game includes 4 scenarios, although there are many more available from websites of Bully Pulpit Games, Edge Entertainment and El Diario de WKR (these two last ones written in Spanish).

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