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lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

April 2014 news

April news:

News from holocubierta about the reissue of the Red and Green boxes

Publisher Holocubierta announces the chance of reissuing in Spain the Red and Green boxes of Aventuras en La Marca del Este, for more details follow this link.

Patronage of RuneQuest 6

These days Runa Digital is starting in the Verkami platform the patronage to publish in Spain the sixth edition of RuneQuest (translation of the edition by The Design Mechanism).

David A. Trampier (1954 - 2014)

Last March 24th David A. Trampier passed away. Artist in charge of many illustrations of first editions of the game Dungeons & Dragons (including the now famous cover of the first edition of the Player's Handbook of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons showing some thieves stealing jewels from an idol depicting a demon).

News about illustrator's demise and his life after ceasing to draw at the end of the eighties and circumstances of this change of path had been cause for many articles in press and specialized blogs (The Strange Case of David A. Trampier, Why did David A. Trampier disappear from the gaming industry?, La desaparición definitiva de David A. Trampier).

All people whishing to sign in the book of condolences provided for that purpose can do until this month's 24th.

New role-playing games magazine: Nivel 9

Publisher Nosolorol continue offering surprises in the Spanish role-playing scene, the last one has been the announcement of the coming appearance of the specialized magazine Nivel 9, available at this month's end.

Activities of the AJJRR to celebrate Sant Jordi

L'associació de Jugadors i Jugadores de rol de Reus (AJJRR) from Spain announce the following activities for Diada de Sant Jordi:

Wednesday 16th (19:30): Lecture "La llegenda, entre la història i la fantasia" ("Legend, between history and fantasy") by Salvador Palomar and Emili Samper (AJJRR offices).
Wednesday 23rd (All day): Stand to sell role-playing games written in Catalan and publications of the cultual association La Carrutxa among others (Plaça del Castell).

FAE Fantasy Little and Los Dioses de Bal-Sagoth

Jose Manuel Palacios, role-playing games author and manager of the blog Outcasted project makes available as a free download the adventure Los Dioses de Bal-Sagoth and the ruleset FAE Fantasy Little, adapted from the game Fate Accelerated Edition, to referee it.

Grimoire Generator in Catalan for Aquelarre

From the blog Anotaciones de rol comes the catalan translation made by Jaume Tarrés of the app created by José Valverde to generate spells grimoires for the game Aquelarre written by Ricard Ibañez.

Fifth anniversary of the magazine Exégesis

The free online magazine Exégesis is in its fifth anniversary and conmemorates it with a special issue.

Skein: Dark Fantasy SRD


Publisher Wordplay Games freely distributes through DrivethruRPG Skein, the SRD based in Fate of his game Age of Arthur.

Open Culture

To prepare your role-playing sessions and campaigns you always might be interested in free access to all kinds of cultural materials, so I advise to visit the website Open Culture, I'm sure you will take advantage of it's contents.

Historical maps of the New York Library

And for a finish inform that the New York Public Library have made available for Internet users more tha 20,000 historical maps of it's collections through the NYPL Map Warper website.

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