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viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Multifriki: Geek news service

In today’s post I will introduce Multifriki, a new website created by José Valverde whose mission is to present to geek aficionados all the news that may be of interest for them and encompasses various topics, like role playing games, board games and wargames, Japanese Anime, fantasy and science-fiction literature or television series and cinema (in fact, as some of the project participants have already noted, we are witnessing the birth of a news service similar to Wikio but devoted to the geek universe).

Multifriki cover page

Multifriki works in two ways: it can be used to read interesting news for the geek community or you can join the website to publicize news that can be of interest for the community, a fact that can be helpful to show your website or your blog.

Detail of a piece of news of Multifriki
Detail of user page of Multifriki

For more information you have at your disposal the following links:

Official Website:
Development blog:

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Castellano Català

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