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viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Thoughts, preparations of the Blue Box, interesting news and recommended downloads

Waiting for the photographic review of the Spanish edition of Donjon to be ready I’m going to offer some news sure to be of interest.

Thoughts about the visibility of Role-playing games fandom

In the blogs Veinticinco Horas al Día and Outcasted Project there are some very interesting thoughts about the ways to raise awareness our hobby.

Preparations of the Blue Box of Aventuras en La Marca del Este are going ahead

La Marca del Este goes ahead with the preparations of the Blue Box. To view the last progress report you can follow this link and to see in all its glory the image of A.J. Manzanedo that illustrates this section you can follow this one.

Donjon sales continue apace

Sales of the Spanish edition of Donjon continue to grow (at the moment of the writing 205 books of 306 printed are already sold). If you want to buy a copy you may follow this link.

Edge Entertainment announces next Spanish edition of Call of Cthulhu

Edge Entertainment publishing house announces the primeval edition of Call of Cthulhu, full colour and deluxe format.

Recommended downloads

And finishing with a recommendation to take a look to these two free downloads:

The adaptation of the Alien saga universe for Cacería de Bichos prepared by JMPR of the blog Outcasted Project.

The Cthulhu d100 ruleset of Three Fourteen Games, based in the GORE system of Goblinoid Games.

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