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martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Carrusel Bloguero de Juegos de Rol: New Technologies and RPG

This month’s Carrusel Bloguero (an initiative similar to the RPG Blog Carnival) is hosted by the blog Laboratorio Friki and the subject is New Technologies and RPG.

In my entry for this edition I will discuss the importance of the Internet for our hobby and how we can take advantage of resources offered to enrich our experience in RPGs.

First we must acknowledge that Internet is an unrivalled communication and diffusion medium that permits us to communicate with any person on the planet with access to the Wide Web. This fact allows spreading of our creations through websites and blogs as well as knowing the existence of new games or publishers (for instance: I got to know of Aventuras en La Marca del Este thanks to Internet well in advance of writing in this blog and they decided to publish the game) and know of the experience and opinions of other fans (even if they live miles away, like Dave Macauley and his blog There’s Dungeons Down Under, who precisely help me overseeing the English translation of the module Pantano de los Suspiros, which can be found following this link.

Aside the chances of communication between fans that Internet offers us we can also use it as a tool for searching resources and information using generalist websites, like Wikipedia, websites devoted specifically to RPGs, like the newly inaugurated Codex de La Marca or The RPG Site and other type of websites that give access to materials for creating our own resources, like Shorpy, with vintage photographs from 1850 to 1950 (very useful for Call of Cthulhu), seen in Play It Again Sam or the set of utilities seen at the end of the post in the blog Vivo en Fraguel-Rock of this month's Carrusel Bloguero.

For ending I have a proposal for my readers related with this post: As you surely have noticed the section Directorio de Recursos (Resources Directory) is empty.

I’m working in links and content to fill this page, but for various reasons this will take a considerable amount of time to be completed, so I'd like to get your assistance in collecting data: If you know of resources you might consider interesting for the RPG community I ask you to send me an email with the link to this resource, if I think it's worth or may be useful I will put the link on the page with the properly accreditation the way you believe appropriate (with a link to your blog, your name, etc.).

Thank you for your attention.

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