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martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

May 2012 News

Poll: Editing La Puerta de Ishtar

Rodrigo García Carmona, author of the game La Puerta de Ishtar, asks us asks us to express our opinion about the format of the physical edition more suitable for his work. To do so he provides us with a survey to orient him in our preferences, giving us a choice between hardcover and paperback.

Champions of Zed

I read in the blog There’s Dungeons Down Under by David Macauley the news about the beginning of the patronage of the game Champions of Zed by Daniel Boggs. This game is characterized to be based in notes and original designs by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. If you are interested in the game (and can contribute with monetary input to get it published) do not hesitate to go to go to the Kickstarter page that the author has arranged to raise funds.

Payment by good works: Buried Without Ceremony

In the Catalan language blog Red Rats there’s news’ story that shows that you also can be solidary playing role-playing games (a thing anyone knows after assisting to any Ayudar Jugando edition). In this case it shows us the publishing project Buried Without Ceremony by Joe Mcdaldno, that permits to acquire his games making good deeds, a thing already done by CalaPopa (the blog’s author) because he has took part in "Un llibre per la pobresa" ("A book for poverty") in the Marató per la pobresa (Poverty Marathon) by TV3 (one of the Catalan TV channels)..

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 40th edition

The Fanzine Rolero reaches its 40th edition with the following contents (Note: This is the English translation of the Fanzine, it is written in Spanish):

Despite the round of the figure, our 40th Lunar Cover comes only assume that we keep doing the same, although with more contents (we beat record of articles) and we expect better, but it is your turn to judge it.
First, we continue the tradition of downloadable contents, which would become free publications included in the magazine reprint, with limitless extension but no printing costs; we give ourselves the luxury of collaborating with certain editorial and creative studies, this time is an adaptation of universe of Mass Effect video game series for the game Cacería de Bichos by Demonio Sonriente.

Second, we are helping to create and disseminate the independent work of amateurs. El Club de la Hora Bruja is now in this version, after passing through the Rolero de Hierro contest, illustrated, revised and expanded, offering a much more robust complete set created and directed by Samuel Vimes.

And you are not going to forgive us to waive a third downloadable game help , because the modules of this moon are buoyant enough to be advertised separately, we will do this by listing them with shorter contents. We would like to note that for the event (or because there was enthusiasm and media, but until now, no time) we have finally established the tradition of Fanzine interviews, not the first time, but if the first one is done from its own section and promising to do this a regular thing. We started with Tiberius and Kano, responsible for publishing initiative Trasgotauro.

The remaining materials of the 40th Lunar Cover:

In reviews and analysis, we go through Kingdom of Nothing at the hands of Tirano. A game about social outcasts and the shadow of oblivion, not without some epic and fantastic tones. Modempunk will take Werden to consider what is actually the cyberpunk genre and what we must understand as a developed RPG. Fiasco returns to the magazine with a test game.

As items to thought about, we have an essay on the relations of Arcano and FR in the Vietnam me Mata column, which is also raise the magazine status and what it can do for you. We also resume a guide by Light Artisan about what an investigator player character needs to take into account for troubleshooting his civilian life problems accounting his job, a jewel of the defunct magazine NSR that becomes available again.

In content to help the game we have a stage as big as a planet, Corvin, for adaptations of Warhammer 40,000 (all games), by Valerius. Tirano translates the official adaptation of Gumshoe’s El Rastro de Cthulhu for the famous adventure of the Corbitt House and Carlos Plaza offers more background for his game Shadow hunters, with a new group to assist hunters.

Directly playable, apart from the mentioned downloadable contents, we have El Estafador, an adventure for La Llamada de Cthulhu to be played in gaming days such as initiation or rather as an approach to the Dreamlands, written by Berserker de Basmol. Hettingham Place gives us a more modern mystery in a haunted house and a team of parapsychologists involved set in the late 70's. Last but not least, we continue with the fourth installment of the serial campaign Los Mapas del Reino Antiguo, a Jkeats work that NSR published in paper and in the magazine that we recover for you.

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  1. Thank you EDI for spreading the word about Dan Bogg's Champions of Zed kickstarter, I'm really looking forward to this one.