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domingo, 7 de julio de 2013

July 2013 news

Events of Explorers Society

With news of the soon to come edition of the role-playing game Pathfinder in Spain by Devir acts related to Explorers Societies are increasing, as those that will take place on Saturday July 13th in Barcelona and Madrid.

Better Than Any Man available en pdf

Adventure Better Than Any Man of Lamentations of The Flame Princess it's already available in pdf format through the online shop of RPGNOW under the sales model Pay What You Want.

Screen of La Puerta de Ishtar

We, the sponsors of La Puerta de Ishtar, are lucky because the game screen is ready and sent, after receiving it it will go on sale through Ediciones Sombra distribution network.

Adventures for the benefit of Ludo Ergo Sum

From the blog Rol the bones! comes an interesting proposal in which you can contribute: Next September 20th, 21th and 22th will take place the Jornadas Lúdicas Solidarias Ludo Ergo Sum (Ludic Solidary Days Ludo Ergo Sum ) and the proceeds will go entirely to the NGO Por un pasito más. to help in this laudable effort the head of the blog is coordinating the publishing of a collection of adventures and unpublished content which will be on sale during the event at price of 1 €, the proceeds will yield entirely to the organization of the event. To collaborate consult this post in his blog and please contact the organizer.

Demencia en el Miskatonic

Three Fourteen Games put on sale the campaign Demencia en el Miskatonic (Dementia in the Miskatonic) for Cthulhu d100 (free ruleset compatible with other Cthulhu Mythos games) as a charity product in PDF 44 pages whose proceeds will go entirely to the Fundación de Amigos del Centro de Salud Infantil de Varsovia (Foundation of Friends of Children Health Center in Warsaw).

This foundation was created in October 1989 by workers and collaborators of Institute Tribute of Child Health, and was registered as charity organization in September 2004.

Currently cooperates with various institutions, companies and private donors seeking funding to acquire modern medical equipamient.

Nosolorol and El Autómata will publish Estrellas Anónimas


Publishers El Autómata and Nosolorol announce that they have joined forces to publish in paper the campaign Estrellas Anónimas (Anonymous Stars), to read the complete news story you may consult this link.

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