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lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

January 2015 news

I retake the blog once this year has started and I do it with this news' post:


Rolling Boxcars offers an interview with David Brown of Extra Dimensional Publishing about the ending of the publishing license of Aventuras en La Marca del Este by his company (you may also read about this matter in this link).

Aviso a roleantes presents the club El Cau del Joc (in Spain).

Publisher conBarba starts the presale of Perros en la Viña (the Spanish edition of Dogs in the Vineyard).

A new role-playing games publisher is born in Spain: Drama editorial.

From Armchair General we are told of John Hill demise, designer of the game Squad Leader.

From the blog of Campeones de Verne comes the announcement the participation of Ricard Ibáñez, author of games like Aquelarre or Capitán Alatriste, designing a short adventure for the game (this game uses Sistema heroico as a ruleset).

Leaving aside the oportunity of freely downloading the ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons Next Wizards of the Coast also offers the chance of reading online the player's book.

If you want to buy the book series Designers & Dragons at a reasonable price I advice you to see the current Bundle of Holding.

French publisher Raise Dead Edition announce the coming reedition of In Nomine Satanis Magna Veritas

Maybe you are interested in this article by Medium about first female gamers.

Those people visiting London may foun interesting this article by Stylist about bars where you can play board games.

Fantastic Maps give access to many tutorials to draw maps.


Zonk PJ-Demonio Sonriente is carrying out a fundraiser in the Patreon platform to make the campaign Kontrolle Krise for the role-playing game Walküre.

John Harper, author of games like Lady Blackbird, is also carrying out a fundraising in Patreon for creating other games.

William Mitchell is also using Patreon for creating games and comics of Imperium Chronicles (Facebook and online shop).

If you like fantasy literature you may be interested in the patronage of El día de Dragonera at Verkami.

Joshua de Santo is carrying out a crowdfunding in Kickstarter to fund the adventure Pyramid of the Lost King: Adventures in Basq.

James Shields is using Patreon for funding art for role-playing games.

Enmanuel Martinez "Lema" is also creating illustrations and in his Patreon campaign has planned to offer one of them every month under a Creative Commons license.


Do you want to know which works will be in the public domain during year 2015?. You may begin reading this link in the The Public Domain Review.

The Smithsonian Institute has made freely available to Internet users the 40,000 art works of the Freer and Sackler collections for non commercial uses (for more information you may read this link at Genbeta, this other one at The Verge y and this at The Next Web).

Are you interested in languages or need inspiration for creating a language for your gam or novel?, Omniglot may be an interesting and useful resource to read (you may also found interesting for writing systems).

Are you curious about how the songs of ancient Babylon sounded?, the collection The Flood by Stef Conner is a god approximation.

The blog Disportancia offers the second part of its series about rights of the works by H.P. Lovecraft.


The online magazine Desde el Sótano reaches its 127th edition with the following articles (Note: The magazine is writen in Spanish):

  • Editorial: a word from the maker.
  • Credits: Those who are behind this (and make it possible).
  • Index
  • Basement Answers: Questions from the fans and the best of our responses.
  • The Voice: Conferences, meetings and events for the coming days and months.
  • Basement exterior: Section with interesting news from the outside world.
  • Gallery: Ammunition control. Aids for controlling spent ammunition.
  • Organization: La Undécima Iglesia. A sect operating in the city of Cunia, and as all in Rol Negro it isn't what it seems.
  • Organization: Fa.Ca.Ta. An inner group of the deared Fa.Ra.Li that perhaps are not so bad (Exo).
  • Units: Soviet airborne troops. A brief look through history and operations of the Vozdushnodesantnye Voyska (Comandos).
  • Characters: Pedro Agustín Echevrri. biography of a Spanish general of 1808. A despot and protégé of the king.
  • Illness: Bavaria Braoderma. A near mortal illness converting victims in giant and deformed beings, specially those without hair. Human design against Tyran? (Exo).
  • Combat: Shields in machineguns. Some easy rules to include this type of equipment in your gaming sessions of Comandos.
  • Fauna: Chewing Lebélila. Pangea always surprises us with funny and anoying creatures.
  • Equipment: Autoworkshops and astromechanics. Version of the past month article, but this time devoted to Exo.
  • Navies: The Portuguese Navy. A resume of the navy branch of this neutral country in the Second World War (Comandos).
  • Weapons: M249. But who dared to import this weapons in Cunia? If there are most banned weapons than others these are in the highest rank (Rol Negro).
  • Equipment: Agent. If you are making an agent character this equipment article will give you all you need to begin your work in Exo.
  • Chronology: The Great War, January 1915
  • Runes: News of Pangea.
  • The Truth: Cunia news of the day. January 2015.
  • A.D.E.G. ’70: Cuetku 1: News of the galaxy of Exo.
  • Chronology: January 1810.
  • Exo: Cacería en Rindhare. An XXL adventure where PC will have to chase a very difficult human prey.
  • Rol Negro: El caso de la muerte de la señora Torres. An investigation adventure including a suspicious butler and a wealthy woman murdered after chanching her last will.
  • Sangrienta Siete: 1x06 - Orán, el final de la infancia. Synopsis of a new chapter of the series of Comandos.
  • Lobo: 1x08 - Muerte en el Hielo. Synopsis of a new chapter of the series of Pangea.
  • .

Psychedemia is a game world for Fate Core (it will also be published in Spain by conBarba) introducing new rules for psychic powers and new rules for creating aliens, is under PWYW download in DriveThruRPG.

Patrick Lapienis offers as a download in PWYW mode in DriveTrhuRPG the game Trials of the Magi, maybe you can find it interesting if you have children and they liked Harry Potter.

Blog of Sistema heroico offers its first game using its ruleset as a free download: the adventure Skyrock.

The Golden Cobra Challenge offers as a free download games participating in its year 2014 edition.

Battles and Bottles offers some adventures under Creative Commons license.

Pedro Azpitarte offers as a free download a set of 112 full color cards with gaming stats for all monsters of the red box of Aventuras en la Marca del Este (Spanish edition).

Keazem Keazem also offers through Rise of Owlbear blog cards with stats for character classes of the red box of Aventuras en la Marca del Este (Spanish edition) as a free download.

The website The Digital Comic Museum offers Golden Age North American comics a s a free download.

Donjon RPG Tools offers several tools to generate random results related to role-playing games, some of these tools can also be downloaded, as its source code.

Bat in the Attic offers a review of a set of free code software which canbe useful for all those in terested in selfpublishing.

Rol en tu idioma offers the first part of an interesting series about medieval economy (in Spanish).

Blog The Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends, maintained by Brett Slocum, have interesting resource lists related to world of Tékumel (it's also advisable to see this post) and the Sword and Planet genre among others.

Cinema and television

Robert Kinoshita, creator of Robby the Robot of Forbidden Planet died on December 9.

if you are interested in how special effects where done before CGI you will like to visit Matte Shot - a tribute to Golden Era special fx.

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