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viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Free Games set in the mythology of ancient Greece

Today I want to present 3 free games set in the mythology of ancient Greece.

Mazes & Minotaurs

Covers for Mazes & Minotaurs player and referee manuals
Mazes & Minotaurs had been written by Olivier Legrand based on an original idea by Paul Elliot.

The game is presented under the following assumption: imagine that the first roleplaying game wasn’t Dungeons & Dragons by Gary Gigax and Dave Arneson  and instead a game based on Greek mythology had been created...

In Mazes & Minotaurs we can play heroes of Mythika, a world quite similar to the Mediterranean of classical Greece, where the pantheon of gods and mythological creatures really exist.

The game is clearly inspired by the original Dungeons & Dragons in terms of offering character classes as arquetypes (Amazon, Centaur, Spearman...) and it’s game mechanics (atributes, saving rolls, 20-sided dice...).

You will like Mazes & Minotaurs if you are used to old style games or if you have heard of them and want to try.

The game is available in English and Spanish thanks to the translation carried out by Maestro Terrax and Carlos de la Cruz.

EDITED: Corrected authorship of the Spanish translation.

Grecia: El Juego de Rol

Cover of Grecia: El Juego de Rol manual
Grecia: El Juego de Rol had been written by Juan Carlos Morelló and it’s distributed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license.

This game aims to immerse ourselves in the way of being of the inhabitants of ancient Greece (customs, political organization ...) but with a strong influence of the gods, because when players create their characters they have to choose which deities they will worship, this worshiping will be reflected in the blessings the gods give to them.

Unlike Mazes & Minotaurs, that articulates the creation of the characters based on a set of predefined classes, Grecia: El Juego de Rol  allows players to create heroes the way they see fit handing out a series of scores for primary and secondary attributes and a set of advantages and disadvantages. The mechanics of the game uses 10-sided dice rolls plus the attribute which you can use depending on the situation against a number of varying difficulty to overcome to achieve what the character wants to do.

You will like Grecia: El Juego de Rol if you are attracted by simple mechanics games or if you want to step in roleplaying games, because it offers basic concepts in a clear and affordable way.

The game it’s available in Spanish downloading it from it’s development blog.

Mitos de Grecia

Cover of Mitos de Grecia manual
Mitos de Grecia had been writen by Ryback, Z-San y Dragstor and it’s distributed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Spain (CC BY-SA 2.5) license.

This game uses as a base the C-System set of rules, which is based on generic rules RPG like GURPS, Fuzion, Mekton Z, D20 and the Chaosium Basic Roleplaying.

As mentioned in the previous game, Mitos de Grecia collects in its setting an affordable summary of history, geography and customs of ancient Greece for referees and players to properly organize their game sessions (in fact shares many setting aspects with Grecia: El Juego de Rol), it also provides an introduction to the basics of role-playing games so it can be used to introduce new players.

As for creating playing characters we can design them the way we like without having to stick to specific archetypes, we can use Generation Points to purchase characteristics, skills, professions and background options.

Game mechanics are very easy and requires to add the roll of two 10-sided dice to the attribute and the skill we want to use to overcome a variable difficulty depending on the task we want to do.

You will like Mitos de Grecia if you like the games which it’s system is based on, but it’s also playable for all who wants to start playing RPGs.

The game is available in Spanish from the official C-System site, where you can also find other games that use the same system.

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