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martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Aventuras en La Marca Del Este debut

In June 11th and 18th I had the chance to referee my first game session of Aventuras en La Marca Del Este at Cofradía del Rol.

Participants at the session were Rubia 1 (playing the thief), Rubia 2 (playing the cleric), La Maravilla Calva (playing the warrior) and Santi (playing the elf and and precisely begginning in RPGs).

All the players were playing third level characters and the history I was refereeing was of my own (I ‘ll write a module based in the gaming session and it will be offered as a free download later on).

From left to right: warrior, thief, elf and cleric
El Dado Inquieto ready to begin refereeing
Screen seen from the referee’s side
Players were resting at the Inn Rest of the Sleeping Giant (regented by Galen and his daughter Elmira), near the Way of Kings (a great commercial route) and near a wodded area and the misterious Swamp of Sighs.

During their stay at the inn they will have tha chance to hear various gossips and iddle talk, even get in trouble with one of the customers who is not very fond of barbarians (and given the results of facing the warrior played by La Maravilla Calva would be better to let them calm).

After this little incident the trigger of the module occurs: Elmira has dissapeared! But the worst is that seems to have been going voluntarily into the swamp (a swamp where all that go into disappear without a trace ...); also seems that inside the swamp exists a stone buiding rumored to be related to an old despot who ruled the area centuries ago ...

After Galen asks them our heroes accept to go into the Swamp of Sighs and face the many dangers that lurk there (snakes, a group of kobolds, an ogre...).

There’s something in the swamp...
Facing the kobolds
Going silently to reach the ogre
Finally the characters reach the mysterious building, a ruined temple. While they decide waht to do a driad who inhabits a lonely tree warns them that is dangerous to go into the temple, but players insist to go into it, so the driad offers them a flask with an amber liquid “to be used when all is lost”.

A flask with an amber liquid?
Players go inside the temple and have the chance to see the remains of tapestries covering the walls (the cleric will interpret them with the correponding Wisdom roll).

At the back of the temple is an altar (covered with dried blood), they will find stairs leading down to a tunnel and to an underground chamber.

As they approach the chamber they hear a giggle and becoming nervous, this will not bode well.

Viewing the inside the underground chamber through a partly open door
What happened inside the vault? What dangers do they face? Currently I can only say that the situation was complicated, moreover, the thief was about to die at the hands of the inhabitant of the crypt (the elf stab the thief with his short sword after a fumble did not help that everything went well :) ).

The thief, “thanking” the elf his great skill ...
Confronting the dangerous inhabitants of the crypt
It seemed that all was lost, but having a cleric in their ranks could do that they get beat his enemies and liberate Elmira.

Players congratulating Rubia 2 and posing for the final photo
To conclude I can say that all players enjoyed the module and play, so it's more than likely to repeat the experience.

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