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jueves, 12 de mayo de 2011

4 ideas for game sessions and campaigns of Dogfight

In today's post I present 4 ideas for adventures of Dogfight.

There’s nothing like love...
One of the Player Characters squadron fellows usually do night trips with his plane to a farm located at enemy lines rearguard. In that farm lives someone importat to the pilot (may be his girlfriend, whom he met before the war started, or one of her relatives who could not escape the enemy advance).

When Player Characters find out where his mate goes they will have to decide what to do: Do you cover up or report it to his superiors?
Situation may be complicated if an enemy patrol discovers the pilot or if one of the commanders of the squadron discovers the night trips and comes to suspect they are related to espionage, which can take their friend to a war trial and afterwards and subsequent shooting.

Behind enemy lines
High Command has decided to entrust players with a a high-risk mission: Cross enemy lines inside a captured airplane to pick up a spy who has been able to get important information to resist the impending enemy offensive.

When they have found the spy and have to return to friendly territory a fighter squadron of their own forces will intercept them, what could have happened? Perhaps it’s bad luck and the squadron knows nothing of Player Characters’ mission (it’s an enemy plane for them) o perhaps there’s a traitor in High command who’s not interested in Player Characters’ success...

One of the pilots of the squadron is a jealous guy that could be very dangerous if he believes that you detract his successes or he is is considered in low esteem.

If Player Characters, or someone close to them, irritate or confront him (for instance in a brawl at the base canteen) maybe he want to revenge on them in next mission, so they will have to watch who are behind them, because it’s possible that during the confusion of battle he would try to shoot down them.

A hard postwar
At Great War’s end Player Characters cuold hardly find a job to return to civilian life.

After trying many times an old comrade proposes them to enlist as mercenaries or instructors in a Middle East or Asian country (They can be contracted by a local warlord). Once they have reached their destination they will know that also has hired a pilot who fought on the other side (maybe they clashed in battle). How players will react having to work closely wit a former enemy?

Moreover, their work may force them to perform highly objectionable actions (such as carrying out attacks against civilians), will they allow it or rebel? 

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