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jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

Dogfight debut

Last May 21 I had the chance to referee my first Dogfight game session at La Cofradía del Rol.

The game I managed to organize, that was set during the Bloody April, was very easy and was aimed to familiarize myself with the rules and test some game aids that soon soon will accompany the character sheet.

To test various character ranks I determined that both sides were formed by a Rookie, a Veteran and an Ace, players were in a Triple Entente squadron.

Rubia 1, La Maravilla Calva and Albert studying character sheets
Pilots from both sides coming closer...
The Triple Alliance Ace is the first to act (Notice rolls don’t detect him in time) and making a dive from the Sun gets to make a lucky shot that quickly affects La Maravilla Calva aircraft.

Damage occurs early and La Maravilla Calva is severely damaged
Another view of the combat
During the game two things happened: It was a long time that while refereeing I didn’t roll so many critical hits in the same game, so the situation soon became quite dangerous for the pilots of the Entente; and I didn’t rememeber that players have right to dodge before they are impacted (my memory...).
El Dado Inquieto refereeing and rolling various critical hits straight
Rookie played by Rubia 1 just lost all points of the front of the aircraft structure
Finally rookie pilot played by Rubia 1 was able to land behind enemy lines, but upon meeting a group of soldiers and trying to escape was killed in the shooting later, the veteran pilot and Ace got back to base.

Triple alliance pilots continue drawing good rolls
Dogfight we did before finishing the game
In short, a lethally intense but short game because I forget some saving throws (something tipical in first game sessions).

All players had fun although losing to enemy pilots, so it is possible that we do another game session.

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