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viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

September 2012 News

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 43th edition

Fanzine Rolero reaches its forty-three edition with the following contents:

After making use of these two full moons in August for give us 28 days for regrouping and reorganising tasks, we are back with two downloadable items, with Hechiceros de Ablaneda increasing capabilities of the game of the same name by Arcano XIII and PentagoN contributing a new universal system.

But as a periodical magazine it’s also important to be in time and to be able to fulfil the usual sections:

In reviews and analysis Eusebi talks about Legends of the Wulin and Tirano rescues his review of Panty Explosion. As an extra there will be a preview to be discovered by you.

Games’ workshop talks about basic elements and sequences employed for making modules.

Miguel de Rojas continues giving us settings to be played in Dark Heresy and even Only War.

Kharma offers 10 new proficiencies for Trasgos y Mazmorras.

And there are more things than supplements and new rulesets than the downloadable items offered, this moon there are a pair of modules, La Búsqueda de la Reliquia, for four experienced characters of Shadow Hunters and the first part of La Medianoche del Imperio, set in late Roman Empire times in its frontiers, to be played with FATE.

And there’s also the Vietnam me Mata column, this time explaining what is and how works Arcano XIII (including admissions) and the comic strip by Kharma.

The Free RPG Blog proposes the creation of a free role-playing games library

Thanks to the blog There’s Dungeons down Under I have news that Rob Lang, creator of the Icar game and administrator of The Free RPG Blog and the 1KM1KT community, has the clever idea of creating a website to be used as a library for make available in one site the large amount of free role-playing games available in Internet, For more information about the project and see if you can help check this link.

The Juguem! 2012 gaming days already have a poster

The competition for the poster of the Juguem! gaming days, to be held in October 27th and 28th of this year, have a winner: Sergi Peroy.

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