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martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

November 2012 News

My God, I’m like the white rabbit who is late everywhere! Here's the first news of the month of November:

Aventuras en La Marca del Este: El Día de la Marca

Aventuras en La Marca del Esteannounce the forthcoming apparition of a module (as a free download) to be played next November 24th in the celebration known as El Día de La Marca. This celebration substitutes the Chainmail Bikini Party that had to be held in Lorca later this month.

For more information follow this links:

Definitive version of Mazes & Minotaurs in Spanish

From the blog La Frikoteca come news of the definitive version in Spanish of Mazes & Minotaurs (I talk about it in this post). If you want information about how to obtain a printed copy you may read this link.

Presentation of La Niebla que cubre las aguas in Generacion X

Roberto Alhambra, author of the trilogy La Alianza de los Tres Soles (interviewed in this post) will present next November 16th the second part of the trilogy, La Niebla que cubre las aguas, in Generación X bookshop.

Club Kritik announces XIX Jornadas Kritikas

Club Kritik announces the XIX Jornadas Kritikas for November 23th, 24th and 25th, among the programmed activities expected there’s the presentation of La Puerta de Ishtar by Rodrigo García Carmona.

La Puerta de Ishtar: Buying the game in physical and PDF formats

And speaking of La Puerta de Ishtar, the author, Rodrigo García Carmona, communicates in his blog that the game is available in Spain in physical format through Ediciones Sombra and PDF format through DriveThruRPG en format PDF, the illustrations pack for people collaborating in the crowdfunding it’s also available.

Pleistoceno: Juego de Rol en el Paleolítico

The successful run of La Puerta de Ishtar is beginning to revolutionise the national landscape of role-playing games, proof of this is the new blog Pleistoceno: Juego de Rol en el Paleolítico, where Luis M. Rebollar (one of the new helpers of Aventuras en La Marca del Este) will talk about the progress of his game settled in prehistorical times.


José Valverde, author of blog Anotaciones de rol and news portal Multifriki, gives for free to gamers an app for cellular phones and tablets that runs in Android and generates dice rolling of the more common types in role-playing games.

Steam Tales competition

Publisher Dlorean Ediciones announce his Steampunk themed competition:


The competition will be governed by the following rules:
  1. The competition is open to all those interested, whatever their nationality, with works written in Spanish.
  2. The theme will be Steampunk, deciding the jury whether or not works conform to the chosen theme.
  3. A maximum of two stories by author will be accepted.
  4. The extension thereof shall not exceed 15 pages. Using an 11 Arial font and line spacing 1.5.
  5. Texts must be signed and preceded the title. Putting on the subject "CONCURSO STEAMPUNK + TITLE + AUTHOR". The firm will consist of the following information: full name, nationality, age, postal address, e-mail. Manuscripts should be sent to
  6. The winning stories will be published in an anthology in physical format. Each author will receive a copy of the book as a prize..
  7. Texts that do not comply with the terms herein will not be accepted.
  8. All texts spelling and grammar should be revised before sending. The author will yield the copyright of his work only for publication in the anthology mentioned.
  9. The names of the selected stories will be published on February 15, 2013 at blog, facebook page and
  10. The delivery period will start on November 1, 2012 and end on Monday December 31, 2012 at 12 pm.
  11. Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these rules.

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