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jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

May 2013 news

Holocubierta will publish the fifth edition of Ars Magica

Publisher Holocubierta had announced one of his comming projects, the Spanish publication of the of the fifth edition of Ars Magica by Atlas Games.

To view a list of the books the publisher wants to edit look this link.

Reusrection 2013

Coming May 18th and 19th of 2013 there will be in Reus (Spain) a new edition of the Torneig de Blood Bowl Reusrection organised by the Associació de Jugadors i Jugadores de Rol de Reus (AJJRR). The Reusrection 2013 will be hold in the new local of the AJJRR (C/ Eduard Toda n.12 baixos) Saturday from 9:30 to 20:00 and sunday from 9:30 to 14:00. For any additional information you'll need don't hesitate to contact us. We attach the rules of the tournament and its poster, we appreciate you will agree to spread it. We are waiting for you!.

Associació de Jugadors i Jugadores de Rol de Reus
C/ Eduard Toda 12 baixos esquerra, 43204 Reus.
Tel./Fax: 977 12 82 46
Twitter: @AJJRR
FB: Associació de Jugadors i Jugadores de Rol de Reus / /

Kickstarter: Character Cards

Here is a patronage of Kickstarter that may be interesting for you: Character Cards.

It's a project of two role-playing gamers from Manchester have thought of a deck of poker cards that can also be used to improvise straight NPC and be used as a source of inspiration for writers.

Inspiration for La Puerta de Ishtar

To finish this first delivery here go the link to the blog Elfmaids & Octopi, that, among other themes, is interested in role-playing adventures in Sumer and Babylon as we can see in this link and this other one, a fact that certainly will be of great interest for players of La Puerta de Ishtar.

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