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lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

June 2013 news

Adventures in the East Mark

I begin the first news delivery of June 2013 with a news piece I'm sure you already know and will be very interesting for English speaking Old School role-players, because the just inaugurated publisher Extra-Dimensional Publishing, L.L.C. has obtained the license to publish Aventuras en La Marca del Este in English.

For more details about it you may follow this link.

Jack Vance (1916-2013)

Famous fantasy and science-fiction author Jack Vance died last May 26th at age 87. All those willing to leave a condolence message may do so at this link.

D-Day: Join the landing!

Like every year Edciones Sombra commemorates the Normandy Landings, for more details follow this link (in Spanish).

Kaburi Sants

Kaburi Shop at Sants neighborhood in Barcelona asked me to show the following press note:

Kaburi announces to the role-playing community (and those still not part of it, but soon will be) our intention to create a special day for all of you. Since our beginnings we are committed to expand the most key elements defining alternative entertainment, and role-playing, of course, is one of its cornerstones. So we thought about offering our recently opened store in the neighborhood of Sants (Barcelona) to all groups that for one reason or another, do not have a suitable place to play, or for put in contact players to join tables with few players (or masters).

Our shop is open Monday to Saturday and, therefore, our free entry playground is available throughout our opening schedule for you to come to play both role-playing games, board games, Magic, etc.. But we go a step further, and book an afternoon a week to set up your gaming tables. The chosen day is Thursday.

We place special emphasis on coming to play with us is absolutely free and you have no commitment to buy at the store. All we want is you to come and play, you decide the rest.

Do not let the opportunity pass and join us in our weekly event on Facebook. If you are a full or partial game table, it is sufficient to one of you to join and leave a note. And if you are individual players, we'll take care of that you can contact other players.

We hope to welcome you soon.Greetings!

Tenga in presale

Publisher Holocubierta announces the presale of the Spanish edition of Tenga, the role-playing game settled in historic feudal Japan from the year 1582, the tenth year of the Tensho era, to 1600, the Battle of Sekigara and beginning of the Tokugawa era.

Engel of emotions

Rodrigo García Carmona announces in the blog of La Puerta de Ishtar an interesting conversion of the Engel role-playing game for Motor de Emociones.

Fate Accelerated Edition in Spanish

The Spanish translation of Fate Accelerated Edition is available as a free download from Evil Hat Productions.

Postmortem Studios need illustrators

Publisher Postmortem Studios meeds illustrators for its hard science-fiction game Colony: Moon.

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