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martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

May 2013 news (Third part)

Constantino Romero (1947-2013)

Last sunday died Constantino Romero, a famous figure of radio bradcasting and television here in Spain and also a famous film actor and dubbing actor for characters like darth Vader or terminator and actors like Clint Eastwood.

Constantino Romero career begun in radio bradcasting with programs like Radio Young for the now dissapeared Radio Juventud and Tino Show and Trotadiscos for Radio Barcelona, and afterwards in Cadena SER (where he soon became known as La Voz, The Voice).

Throughout the years ended combining his work as a radio broadcaster with performances in film and theater and host work on television contests such as El Tiempo es Oro.

These days are appearing many homages to Constantino Romero figure in the blogosphere and I would like to add one of the scenes of Blade Runner (the scene where Rutger Hauer recites his famous final monologue), a film that so deeply impressed me at the time by the plot, its scenery, Vangelis music and the dubbing by Constantino of the character of Roy Batty, all will miss you.

Want the Heroes RPG? Pay it with good deeds

José Manuel Palacios, author of the Spanish role-playing game Heroes and the adventure As de Diamantes for Omertà offers completely free the book of Heroes during this May. To obtain it you only have to do good deeds, view this post in the blog Outcasted Project (in Spanish).

Second edition of the Softcombat Championship Hacha de Mithril

Next May 18th and 19th the second edition of the Softcombat Championship Hacha de Mithril will be held in Lleida (Spain), this time becoming the Second Spanish Softcombat Championship.

For more information see the championship blog ( or the Facebook event (

Do you want to win a copy of Teratic Tome?

To celebrate the put on sale of the adventure Slaughter Grid the blog Tenkar's Tavern proposes a contest with prizes like the monster supplement Teractic Tome. To see the detailed rules of the contest see this link (you have time until this thursday).

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