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miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

Black Box: La Llamada de los dioses - Session 10

With this post I'm going on with the campaign log of La Llamada de los dioses I'm refereeing for my regular game group at La Cofradía del rol, for previous campaign sessions you may read these links: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9

Pot of Gold by Jeremy Schultz (CC BY 2.0)
File-Yorkshire Museum - skeleton of a wealthy woman by Mike Peel (CC BY-SA 4.0)

As always remember you may find spoilers, so if you are playing the campaign or think about playing it you probably do not want to read more beyond this point (or perhaps you want, who knows).

Sombra courtesy of Pixabay

As I said at he time of finishing the report of the previous session players had called for their characters continuing exploring the level where they were, so this allowed them to discover more caves and tunnels, like a lateral cave they swiftly went after hearing the screams of terror and pain of some dwarves who had shortly entered it before and now lay dead without any signs of violence on their bodies. While their torches were illuminating the cave sonn they discovered a shadow which of course wasn't theirs and soon rushed to touch them... causing some of them felt somewhat weak. Had it not been for the strong attacks of Meler the mystic and half-elf Luna idea of using a silver symbol against the mysterious being surely one of them would finish dying in this encounter.

After this incident Kai the samurai and Grognak the barbarian decided to go back and explore some of the zones the group decided to skip in previous sessions, which led them to discover that the complex had a secret entrance (perhaps they would had discovered it before if they had put more effort in it) and a lake ending in a waterfall in the volcano´s side (Grognak took precautions and tied himself a rope before starting exploring, because just a little more and he falls into the waterfall, luckily Kai was able to take him out of the water by pulling the rope).

Going back where the group was was meeting the called for continue exploring, but then something a little strange ocurred, because Luna seemed to be a little abstracted and began to mumble she was listening her pet Fuego's wailings (remember it disappeared abducted by a dark elf in the eighth session), so she entered the chamber that previously (in the ninth session to be more precise) had caused some bad feelings to Keilor, so he and Kai followed her hurriedly, and become trapped in a mysterious chamber with eight mirrors which showed strange visions when characters reflected in them...

I won't explain now all the maneuvers the players made to try to get in and out of the mirror's chamber (yes, they do it more than one time) and the challenges they faced trying to break the mirrors with glancing blows (which they mostly managed to overcome and in some cases had to be modified to comply with the characters's backstories), I'm only saying that thanks to Grognak's strength they lifted back the gate that nearly killed Keilor after the chamber's trap got activated (although as we will see below it didn't go as well as he would liked...) plus the barbarian also broke (by chance!) the mirror that hid the opening mechanism of the back door of the chamber, Meler had to face a dark version of himself and Luna was involved in a similar scene to the next gif...

But the worst came when Keylor, whose figure had begun to show a visible glow in the dark after breaking one of the mirrors, broke another one trying to see what happened (and stating that they no longer needed to do it) and disappeared victim of a Disintegration spell, so the campaign has already claimed the life of another character...

It seems that the thing was over here, right? Let me disabuse you, dear readers (and surely some referees will feel identified with the next scene):

Having made it through the chamber of mirrors players decided that their characters would explore the next chamber, entering it they saw several dusty chests and the skeleton of an ancient king, sitting on a throne with a gleaming crown adorning his skull (like a similar scene of Conan the Barbarian)...

And what Grognak does? Rushes in without taking any precaution to grab the crown facing the worried look of the rest of the group which can't stop him in time, and a certain curse falls over him, making him to covet gold and pursuing the other characters to avoid being snatched away the treasure that may be stored in the room, if I also add that he is imbued with a barbarian berserker fury I'm sure the rest of his teammates won't have it easy to avoid being injured or killed...

What will happen in the next session?

As is customary to say:

To be continued...

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